100/300 HR Yoga Teacher Training Empower Module

September 10 - 19, 2019

~ Live your dharma in the mountains of Tennessee ~

Location: Seven Springs Retreats
Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

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In the foothills of the oldest mountains in the world lies time and space for connection. Our module-based 300hr yoga teacher training program allows you to advance your teachings when it suits you, and empowering you as a teacher in this module.

This fall intensive is designed to give you a wide range of tangible tools that can be incorporated into your teaching right away.  Alongside advanced yogic wisdom, you will receive the opportunity to dive deep into your personal practice of philosophy, energetics and therapeutics as well as personal development to move towards living your dharma. As summer turns to fall in the mountains, rivers, and forests, it is a perfect time to turn inward and deepen your knowledge and study of this ancient path of yogic wisdom.

In addition to the core curriculum of yoga philosophy, energetic principles, and yoga asana (alignment, anatomy, and teaching), we will explore spiritual traditions from the South American Andean Quechua, Central American Mayan, and North American Cherokee and Lakota traditions. To connect with the land surrounding Seven Springs, we will collaborate with local healers from the Cherokee nation and traditional Appalachian naturopathy for offerings that include a traditional sweat lodge ceremony. The sacred stillness of this ancient mountain range is a deeply nurturing place to become aware of the divine reflection within yourself. 

In the process of co-creating and expertly facilitating the group space, we support open sharing of passions and tools and encourage participants to grow into their role as facilitators and space holders. Drawing on the natural serenity of this idyllic valley, cleansed by the seven sacred springs of the property, and nourished by the abundance that surrounds, this training offers a space for deep and purposeful growth. With such creative freedom, our 300hr graduates leave with a strong momentum to incorporate advanced yogic principles in all aspects of daily life, feeling deeply inspired and clear in how to share their essence and live their dharma.


Highlights of the Empower Module 300-hr Yoga Teacher Training...

  • Receive regular, professional feedback on your teaching style

  • Solidify your knowledge of yogic foundations and widen your range of advanced teaching tools

  • Enjoy glimpses of the first light of sunrise in the open-air yoga pavilion with a breathtaking view of the Chillhowee mountains.

  • Enjoy nightly gathering and special ceremonies around the power of the fire.

  • Relax in our open-air massage pavilion with a massage by one of our resident therapists.

  • Learn from local Cherokee and Lakota traditions and teachers

  • Learn about local medicinal plants and prepare remedies and products

  • Enjoy a sacred cleansing with pure mountain spring water that originates on the property.

  • Experience outdoor living in unique yurt accommodation

  • Explore this fascinating region before or after the course, with attractions such as the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the most visited National Park in the U.S.!


About the Kula's Modular program...

The Kula Collective 300-hour Module-Based YTT (yoga teacher training) program is a fusion of the ancient and mystical traditions of Yoga, Shamanism and the healing arts, offered in shorter, retreat-style intensive courses that you are free to style in your own way. 

These practices, designed to grant us access to the infinite wisdom we carry within ourselves, are smoothly blended together to form an offering rooted in the principal of yoga as union, a channel for connection to the divine. 

This training is designed to advance the teaching and personal practice of 200hr graduates, although some elective modules may also be available for those who wish to deepen their study without the foundational course in teaching. All of our 300hr programs offer a deeper exploration of yoga as a therapeutic healing practice. Our modules are grounded into the very foundation of yoga: the exploration of personal practice, yogic philosophy and meditation practices. These are complemented with a focus on holistic health, through shamanic healing, ayurveda and self-inquiry.

In addition to meeting the Yoga Alliance standards for teaching methodology, anatomy, yogic theory and special education, all of Kula Collective's 300hr programs focus on the expansion of our own sacred consciousness, so that we can fully embody our practice and radiate the teachings in our own presence. 

Throughout the modules we engage in self-inquiry to clear space for the true teacher within to shine, sharing prayer, ceremony and Bhakti Yoga, as well as Karma Yoga - selfless service to gracefully and mindfully help the whole. By releasing the stories and holdings that no longer serve us, we create more space to see our gifts, our passions and the essence of who we are as teachers and beings on this path.

How the Module System Works…

All students on our module-based 300hr program complete the following, not in any particular order:

Explore, Empower, Expand

Explore: 100hr Module


  • Daily creative asana, mantra, pranayama, conscious movement, and meditation practices

  • Advanced yogic philosophy: Yoga Sutras in Depth and Yoga History

  • Theory and practice of Meditation

  • Pranayama, Foundations and Practices

  • Chakras in Depth

  • Ayurveda: Theory and personal practice

  • A Therapeutic Approach to Yoga, including holistic yoga sequencing, yoga anatomy, advanced alignment and assists

  • Yin and/or restorative asana

  • Personal and co-creation based Practicums and professional feedback

  • Shamanism and sacred ceremony

  • Guidance in personal development, self-inquiry and clarification of unique steps towards living your dharm

Empower: 100hr Module


  • Daily creative asana, mantra, pranayama, conscious movement, and meditation practices

  • Advanced yogic philosophy: Bhagavad Gita, Tantra and Radiance Sutras, Upanishads and more

  • Energetic anatomy, mantra/bhakti, dance, somatics, martial arts, reiki, shamanism/ceremony, nidra, breathwork, thai massage, Chakras & Ayurveda

  • Shamanism and sacred ceremony

  • A Therapeutic Approach to Yoga, including holistic yoga sequencing, yoga anatomy, advanced alignment and assists, following the model of the Koshas to unite the mental, emotional and spiritual with the physical aspects of a holistic practice and its therapeutic benefits

  • Yin and/or restorative

  • Personal and co-creation based Practicums and professional feedback, including the creation of a unique therapeutic sequence following a certain scenario

  • Guidance in personal development, self-inquiry and clarification of unique steps towards living your dharma


Expand: 25 - 100hr Electives
(participant’s choice)

Choose from any of Kula Collective’s diverse selection of YACEP approved programs!

What you’ll love about Seven Springs...

Seven Springs is a holistic retreat center, nestled in the bio-diverse foothills of the smoky mountains of Tennessee on 126 acres of mostly forested hills.  With seven natural springs and an abundance of native species, the natural vibrancy of this land is complemented by the integration of offerings with wisdom and teachers from the local Cherokee traditions.

Seven Springs is named after the abundance of fresh water on this land, with a spring dedicated to each chakra, giving potency to the fresh water that flows from within the earth.  Cleansing in this water is a powerful experience that reaches far beyond just the physical body.
Standing 16 feet tall and 28 foot diameter, the Seven Springs yoga shala is open to the fresh mountain air, supported by mighty cedars, sustainably felled in the surrounding forest. On a hill near to the shala sits the open-air massage pavilion. Ceremony is held under the stars around our special fire circle.

Seven Springs has five residential yurts on site, each fully furnished with beds, tables, electrical outlets and dressers. If you've never slept in round walls this is a must-try! There are also several ideal camping spots along the creek, near to the luxurious community kitchen and bathrooms with flush toilets and hot showers. Food is prepared and eaten without walls. The classroom space is in a 24ft octagonal retrofitted & recycled yurt -- the perfect place to practice and learn. A labyrinth lotus lovingly painted on the floor invites walking meditation and a well-stocked library invites cozy study. When nature calls wander down the hollow where you’ll find our 35ft traditional 7 course labyrinth nestled under an ancient elm within a natural bowl - a perfect place for contemplation and visioning.

Seven Springs Vision

Seven Springs Holistic Retreats is a place of natural abundance and cultural diversity where people learn how to create holistic sustenance for themselves and their communities.

Seven Springs Mission

To provide an innovative and transformative space for local and global communities to experience high quality holistic education.


Meet your Facilitators…

Jessi Luna

Since a young age, jessi has studied dance and creative movement. Since her first RYT200 teacher training in 2008, jessi has led retreats and workshops throughout the states, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Bali, and Costa Rica. She completed her RYT500 certification in 2012 and now leads teacher trainings in places she most enjoys to share. 

Jessi teaches a Vinyasa based practice to combine elements of dance and natural movement with traditional yogic sequencing. She incorporates attention to rhythm of the breath, and allows for organic movement to flow in each pose. She is grateful for the journey of yogic creativity and loves to share this movement of bliss with others along the way. 

For half of the year, Jessi lives and teaches in Guatemala. Six years ago, she founded JUSTA, a holistic network that connects indigenous artisans, global designers, and projects that promote self-sustaining development, creative expression, and holistic empowerment within family and community. Learn more about JUSTA here.

Zachary Towne-Smith

Zachary Towne-Smith (RYT 500hr) is a passionate connector.  His innate creativity, flexible perspective, and quick smile make him a natural leader, inspiring participation and thoughtful consensus in the wide array of groups he works with.  He has dedicated his life to the study and development of intercultural relations and the facilitation of innovative solutions for sustainable well-being.  

He expresses his own creativity through music, photography, and capoeira bringing insights from these arts into his facilitation and mediation. In 2006 he co-founded the Guatemalan non-profit Imagitlán.  

Together with this multi-disciplinary group he led the development of the Holistic Action Planning for Innovation (HAPI) methodology and has implemented it in many diverse contexts ranging from economic to cultural development, resulting in stakeholder-owned solutions to shared challenges.

He believes that interpersonal relationships and creativity are the keys to sustainable innovation, and brings a unique skill set to his work with individuals and groups in settings ranging from corporate board rooms to dirt-floored rural schools.  His multi-cultural and multi-lingual fluency are valuable assets as groups develop and maintain creative environments of respect and trust.

Watch his TedX talk here.


Typical Kula Day:

6:30 - 8:45 AM: Art of Practice

9 - 10 AM: Silent Breakfast

10 - 12 PM: Art of Living

12 - 2 PM: Lunch and Self Sadhana

2 - 4 PM: Art of Teaching

4 - 6 PM: Art of Healing

6 - 7 PM: Dinner

7 - 8:30 PM: Evening Gathering, Satsang or Ceremony (alternating days)


Conscious Exploration Through The Four Arts...

Our curriculum is split into four teaching tracks, woven through each of the three cycles.  The Four Arts recognize and develop our studies in yoga in a thoroughly holistic manner, stimulating our students to become inspired, knowledgeable and intuitive teachers, expressing and modelling all aspects of this ancient lifestyle practice.

Art of Practice: Asana, Pranayama and Meditation infused with related themes, creative sequencing and personal practice design

Art of Living: Meditation, Yoga Philosophy of sacred texts and personal exploration and transformational developmental work

Art of Teaching: Theory and Methodology, Pranayama, Adjustments, Alignment, Sequencing, Transitions, Workshopping and Asana Analysis, Anatomy and unique therapeutic focus on various areas of the body

Art of Healing: Sacred Ceremony, Therapeutic Yoga for mental health, Ayurveda, Chakras and Shamanism and other energetic and holistic healing practices




1. Tuition
$1295 USD

2. Room & Board

BYOG Camping - $650 USD

Shared Yurt - $750 USD

private glamping - $850 USD

Private yurt - $1050 USD




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