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Yoga for Women’s Health Retreat

October 9th - 14th, 2019

~ A Yoga Alliance Certified course with Jessi Luna ~

Location: Seven Springs, Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee


Yoga is for every body, and each body has a unique relationship to the practice. Women's bodies especially are in constant cycles of change. By first becoming aware of our physical and emotional state of being, we can then begin to explore what practices may compliment our needs. Learning how to practice yoga in ways which most benefit the body at that moment can help bring a deeper connection to yoga and our Selves.

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This Continuing Education intensive is especially devoted to exploring postures, sequences, and essential information for women of all ages in the practice of yoga. We will first look at the physical and emotional anatomy of women and then move into yoga as a remedy for menstrual problems, pregnancy, depression, menopause symptoms and more. We will work through postures with a special emphasis on modifications and using props. This course is applicable for anyone who would like to deepen their own practice as well as teach to others.

In addition to yoga asana, we will also explore Ayurvedic and natural remedies such as herbal medicines, salves, and tinctures. By connecting with our cycles, we will explore what types of activities, foods, and movements are best for us in the moment. We are not able to heal or prevent illness or injury with yoga alone, and so we dive into full lifestyle changes that can benefit each of us individually and uniquely. You will leave this course with clear steps to enhance your health and life in a holistic way.

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seven springs retreat women’s health

Highlights of the Yoga for Women’s Health Retreat…

  1. Learn about women's anatomy and health issues

  2. Examine different illnesses and ailments and how they may be lightened through the practice of yoga

  3. Practice asana in the outdoor shala surrounded by nature

  4. Explore using all types of props to modify and provide support in poses

  5. Enjoy 3 vegetarian Ayurvedic meals daily and find out which types of foods are best for your body

  6. Connect with local herbs and learn how they can be prepared and used medicinally

  7. Engage in different healing movement modalities from yoga asana, to massage, to dance

  8. Live in community with other women 

  9. Take time in silence and nature to connect and reconnect to your Self and your own healing

  10. Leave with clear steps to enhance your health and life

Dive deep into connecting with your body and learn how to use yoga to benefit other bodies as well. Eat, sleep, and breath your yoga!

Meet your Facilitator…

jessi luna facilitator

Jessi Luna

Jessi teaches a Vinyasa based practice to combine elements of dance and natural movement with traditional yogic sequencing. She incorporates attention to rhythm of the breath, and allows for organic movement to flow in each pose. She is grateful for the journey of yogic creativity and loves to share this movement of bliss with others along the way. 

A creative entrepreneur at heart, Jessi explores how to do business in a good way for the planet and people. Jessi is a cofounder of Kula Collective along with 6 other friends, as well as Seven Springs along with her husband and parents. In 2009, Jessi moved to Guatemala and shortly after opened a Fair Trade Business and 501c3 NGO called JUSTA to support indigenous women artisans and families and their traditional arts. 



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