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Understanding the Basics of Meditation: How to be Aware and Intentional.

By: John Early

"Perceive the energy around you as white light. Breathe in the white light. Exhale any darkness, negativity or sickness inside you. Once you are full of white light, breathe in the dark you might sense around you and exhale and share your inner light."

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A Journey of Surrender & Heart Opening: Sharing the Essence of Bhakti Yoga.

By: Moa Moon

"There is so much healing, release, surrender, and connection to all of creation and to our Self that can be cultivated and celebrated and cherished and nourished through this form of prayer that Kirtan is.
And the more we connect to the Divine inside us, the more of the Divine light we have to share and give out to others as well."

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Stepping into the Unknown with Cacao

By: Nick Meador

"After some gentle sitting and breathing, creating spaciousness for the spirit of cacao to come in and spark some magic, I’d invite people to stand up and spread around the room."

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The Flow State.

By: Jiya Julia Randall

"Essential to creative flow is vulnerability - the courage to be seen. We often block ourselves through fear of failure, or through striving and struggling towards something that doesn’t fit. To stay in a place of flow asks for an underlying trust, and a surrender to the surge that drives us into our personal harmony. We keep it all going with momentum driven by passion and fulfillment."

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8 Ways Through Self Doubt

By: Jiya Randall

"Do you ever find it difficult to get dressed, apply for a job, ask that hottie out on a date, or speak your truth? How often have you come up with a perfect idea, followed it through to a certain extent and then abandoned it in favor of something more within your comfort zone? And what about those moments when you feel yourself overwhelmed with a “vulnerability hangover” - the closing down sometimes experienced after revealing too much of ourselves?"

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Yoga as a way of releasing trauma, integration, and achieving wholeness.

By: Mario Rockstroh

“Asana, Pranayama and meditation allowed me to consciously begin to release the issues and non-beneficial patterns stored in the muscles, deep tissues and nerve cells. Plant medicine ceremonies helped me recognize the triggers that set off patterns of emotional pain.”

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​Journeying to the Upper World.

By: CJ Ananda

“We are always connected to the spirit world and have access to the wisdom that exists among the multidimensional beings that are all around us. The question is “how do we make a direct connection with our helping spirits and access the information we need in order to guide us toward the life changes we desire?”

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Practically Present.

By: Randi Schiffman

“In Bali, riding freely on the back of a scooter, wind in my hair, breeze on my face and the beauty of the open road, I found myself present, connected, and one within me and everything around me. No thoughts, nothing; emptiness, or complete fullness if you will. That is until, I remembered I was supposed to be the one directing the driver, staying alert and letting him know when to turn right. So, we missed the turn. I looked down at my phone and it took me out of this precious present moment.”

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Heart Beats Bhakti

By: Julia Randall

“For those who have been a part of our vibrant Kirtan circles, discomfort will have dissipated long ago, sifted out in the shivering rhythms of our breath.  As with any practice, the proof is in the doing, and here, doing means enveloping yourself in a myriad of healing harmony.  But why, you might ask, do we spend so much time singing when we are "supposed to be" yoga teachers?”

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Dark Retreat Revelations; Withdrawal of the Senses

By: Hayley Saraswati

“The darkness called. I felt a desire deep within me to find solace and space, withdrawing myself from all responsibility and contact with the outside world. A little extreme perhaps, but yogis and spiritual practitioners of various cultures since antiquity have sought dark havens of stillness such as caves for long periods of meditation and sannyas (renunciation). It was my turn for solitude.”

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Ajna Chakra Opened – Third Eye Exploration

By: Jessi Luna

“Lying in savasana, finding the beautiful balance between stillness of the body and movement of the breath, you close your two eyes to the external world. In that moment, inner awareness increases and connectivity to your inner being opens. Maybe without realizing it, you've just begun to activate your Third Eye.”

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