Create Space: Align and Cleanse Yoga Detox

Kura Kura 
Bali, Indonesia

June 23rd - 30th, 2018

Co-Lead Facilitators: Jiya Julia Randall Cheralee Jones 


Get back into alignment with the highest version of yourself with this Body/Mind/Spirit cleanse designed to inspire you and guide you into a state of Flow.

We combine the restart of a cleansing raw diet with the holistic healing of yoga, meditation, sacred ceremony, rejuvenating plant baths, ecstatic dance, mantra and freeform creative expression. These practices create space within our body, mind and spirit to help break down the boundaries we set for ourselves. You will be guided in activities designed to ignite the Flow State, a highly expressive, efficient and creative state of existence, where we rise into our highest version of ourselves and manifest from a limitless perspective.

We will spend the week sharing simple raw foods and herbal tonics, in combination with Ayurvedic and Yogic cleansing practices to clear and release, bringing the body into its purest form. Using this newfound clarity, we explore the freedom of dancing, singing, and writing as well as exercises designed to clarify our vision, to let go of perceived blockages and embrace our passions. Slip into a state of ease and crystal clear sight, and allow your spirit to flow through you and do the work it came to this earth to do.

Restart your body to empower your mind! Clear the way to align yourself with your highest purpose!  Supercharge the manifestation of your dreams!



Kura Kura Yoga Retreat is an intimate resort at the shore of Bali and offers you an oasis of serenity, a sanctuary for the body, heart and mind. It is a perfect ground to rejuvenate and emerge into the magic of Bali.

The surroundings invite you to rise to the song of the birds, take walks along the beach, visit the many local temples, watch the waves moving in and experience amazing sunsets. Kura Kura is settled just 50 steps from the beach of Seseh. A traditional fishing village, untouched by major tourism but close enough to the shops and buzz of Seminyak and on walking distance from Echo Beach, a famous Bali surfspot. Come, play, relax, learn and be nurtured. Enjoy the absence of TV-sets and iPods. The elegant simplicity of our six cottages will give you a feeling of being away and coming home.



Retreat All-Inclusive:
USD $1,295*

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