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Shamanic Creativity


February 1 - 8, 2020

~ Yoga Alliance Certified course with Julia Randall ~

julia randall create space
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Yoga - Cacao - Creative Expression - ceremony - Nature

See yourself here...

...waking up to breathtaking beauty

...practicing yoga high above volcano-ringed Lake Atitlan

...sharing heart opening Guatemalan cacao and rich conversation

...channeling pure creative inspiration from source itself.

Whatever the form of creative expression, it is encapsulated in the state of flow consciousness, a trance-like state of divine connection where time and space disappear and a portal is opened for channelling. The Shamanic Creativity Retreat offers a sparkling container for tapping into a shamanic state of connection to ignite creative freedom. Fed by the wide open views of the stunning Lake Atitlan, one of the most energetically powerful places in the world, this week-long Guatemala journey is designed to awaken the subtle receptors within us that ‘plug us in’ to nature, ourselves and to our sacred creative expression.

Dive deep using the indigenous medicine of cacao to sharpen your sensitivity and open your awareness. Explore shamanic techniques such as journeying, visualization, fire ceremony, medicine walks and traditional temezcal sauna ceremony with medicine songs from around the world. Work through the four directions of the Andean medicine wheel to draw up fuel from within. Activate your energy through practices such as yoga, dance, creative writing, musical jam, freeflow art, kirtan and flow consciousness exercises, based around themes designed to help you go deeper into your spiritual and creative process. Connect with the land and the lake through a memorable sunrise paddleboard journey, as well as free time in local indigenous villages, markets and in the beautiful Yoga Forest grounds.

Whether you are experiencing physical, emotional or creative blockages, or simply looking for reconnection and space, this magical retreat offers a haven of inspiration. We will work with you to support your creative visions and offer a space for cultivating energy, imagination and motivation around your manifestations.

Spark the wonder back into your daily experience. By creating space, we allow new creation.

Highlights of the Shamanic Creativity Retreat…

  • Daily yoga in the Yoga Forest’s sought-after Shakti Shala, with awe-inspiring views overlooking volcanos and highland Lake Atitlan

  • Daily ceremonial cacao and intention setting, through the four directions of the medicine wheel

  • Shamanic Journeying to reveal our inner source of power and inspiration

  • Art, music, writing, movement, mindfulness, sound healing, freestyle spoken word and visualization

  • Temezcal in traditional stone sauna

  • Sunrise Paddleboarding

  • Fire ceremonies in an ancient Mayan sacred cave for release and manifestation

  • Hike through coffee fields and forests to a local spring

  • Inspiration from like-minded beings and stunning natural environment

  • Personal CreateSpace art project with support from facilitators

  • Self-inquiry and personal reflective practices to unplug the flow

  • Sustainable living and pure vegetarian cuisine in simple, beautiful Yoga Forest

What is Shamanic Creativity?

Shamanic Creativity works on the principal of Art as a Portal. When one observes a master of an art, be it writing, or music, or dance, the common theme is a trance-like state of divine connection, a state that when maintained, results in direct channelling of pure life force and expression from the source of consciousness. In this place, life dances. In this place of oneness, all veils are removed. What is left is simply existence, manifesting in an infinite number of ways, vibrating and shimmering beyond all limit and bubbling up in unique flairs of creation.

Whatever the form of creative expression, when this state is tapped into, the creative expressor effectively steps aside. The bliss of existence, existing for existence's sake, is able to come through the artist, and emerges in otherworldly imagery, flashes of beauty, surges of harmony and rippling, responding sensation. The artist is at one with the experience, and the experience of creation itself can be likened to a deep, meditative state. In this way, an observer of this art is also able to tap into the channel offered by the creative expression, such that the art and the artist become a kind of portal into non-ordinary reality.

Shamanic Creativity draws on shamanic states of consciousness, which are accessed through journeying, meditation, visualization, connection with nature, ceremony and deep, internal yoga practice. Through these techniques we automatically become more creative as we awaken facets of ourselves. Shamans work to help a person recognize his or her own power. The shamanic journey helps us focus on what we want and need in our lives; it helps us structure our thoughts and create stories and symbolism that connect us to our deepest hopes and fears with a fresh and compassionate eye, bringing what is inside, out, into freeform, beautiful art. By becoming our own shamanic healer, we tap into the magic of being able to truly overcome experiences, including fears and grief, by transforming the experience into something positive.

What is Flow?

Accessing our natural state of flow comes from deep connection and unity of our body, mind and spirit. When life feels stagnant, painful or disconnected, it is often the product of overthinking and lack of presence, causing resistance, worry, fear and indecision. Aligning ourselves with the movement of life force through us frees up our creative impulse and evokes a limitless state, where manifestation happens effortlessly and things seem to just… flow.

All of life is creation. It is our nature to create new ideas, and whether we are designing our bedroom, our six month plan, or our life, the way we harness our life force and human creativity is key to unlocking our most expansive version of ourselves. With a schedule designed to help you open up to the flow of expression, and a setting that induces awe, this is an opportunity to truly come back to your center.  


About your Facilitator…

julia randall bio

Jiya Julia Randall is one of the founders of international yoga school and retreats organization Kula Collective and a guide for empowered and conscious living.

Jiya is a deeply connected leader who roots her teaching in the healing energy of nature.  Her teaching invites students to explore their own, unique unfolding, through profound awareness and trust in the wisdom of the Self.  Through her studies with teachers and shamans across the world, Julia has developed a powerful sense of energetic connection and a strong set of philosophical and intuitive teachings, which she shares through creative hatha and yin yoga, sacred fire and medicine ceremonies, kirtan and healing therapies.  Jiya is also a talented musician and sound healer, who seeks out native chants and medicine songs from around the world to complement her work.

Jiya is YA-certified at the ERYT-300 level and has facilitated both intensive and module-format teacher trainings at RYT-200 and RYT-300 levels for several years, through multiple schools.  Following her degree in Physics at Imperial College, London, Julia worked as an Energy Consultant and part time copywriter and editor in London, UK, before moving to Central America in 2009 to pursue a life centered on yoga and holistic health.  British by birth, Jiya is now based in Bali and teaches in Thailand, Australia, Mexico, Greece, USA, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Peru.


What you’ll love about Guatemala and The Yoga Forest…


Known as the land of eternal spring, Guatemala carries the mysticism of the ancient Maya civilisations still very apparent in the traditions of the indigenous Maya people that inhabit the country. Sprinkled with volcanoes, overlooking one of the deepest lakes in the world and surrounded in natural dry forest, the omnipresence of nature in San Marcos La Laguna infuses every experience with un unforgettable serenity and power.

Yoga Forest is a beautiful blend of eco-conscious construction with expansive and creative design. The centerpiece is the ancient sacred cave site, used for prayer and gathering for many generations and offered here as a place of ceremony for our group. Shakti Shala, where we will spend most of our time together, invites artistic expression and instant connection to the magnificent views it overlooks. Accommodation is in small and comfortable shared or private cabins, each with the stunning view, a small balcony or deck and shared bathroom facilities with warm spring water showers and dry compost toilets. Cuisine is local, delicious and vegetarian, including warm Guatemalan tortillas and locally grown coffee served fresh each day.

The property is sprinkled with bright tropical flowers, edible and medicinal herbs and the temezcal sauna is a womb of purification offering rebirth. On breaks you can take the short walk to San Marcos town, a mecca for spiritual seekers of the world and home to many yogis, musicians, healers and foodies. Enjoy the simple peace of community life in this special highland village.


Typical Daily Schedule:

7-9 Morning Practice - including yoga, meditation, movement, and creative expression

9.00-10.30 Breakfast

10.30-11 Cacao ceremony and sharing circle

11.00 - 1.00 Create Space Workshop - activities include painting, writing, walking/hiking

1.00 - 2.00 Lunch

2.00-4.30 Free time

4.30-6.00 Sunset practice and creative expression

6.00 - 7.00 Dinner

7.00 - 9.00 *some evenings only* Evening activities, including group circle, fire ceremony, art play, musical jam and Sauna

*Each day the schedule will vary.

**Free time optional activities include; kayaking, local market shopping, stand up paddle board, hiking

***Schedule starts at 6pm February 1st and ends at 10am February 8th. A complementary shuttle will run leaving at 1:30 pm on Feb 1st from Guatemala City Airport and returning at 11am on Feb 8th direct to the airport).

julia randall create space


includes 7 nights accommodation and all listed activities

  • Private queen room/cabin with shared bathroom facilities: $1575 USD

  • Shared cabin with shared bathroom facilities: $1275 USD

A $100 pay-in-full discount is offered if payment is made upon registration.  Otherwise payments are according to the following schedule:

  • $500 – Non-refundable Deposit due at booking

  • Shared $550 or Private $950 – 1st payment due November 1st 2019

  • $525 – Final payment due Jan 1st, 2020

All inclusive price includes:

  • Accommodation for 7 nights

  • 3 Vegetarian Meals per day

  • All group activities/ excursions

  • Airport transportation (one shared shuttle leaving at 11am on Feb 1st from Guatemala City Airport and returning at 11am on Feb 8th direct to the airport)

  • 2 yoga/movement and meditation classes a day

  • 1-3 creative exploration sessions a day

  • Hike to spring

  • Sacred Ceremony and daily cacao

  • Daily Journaling

  • One-on-One support in creative visioning