Dharma Grant Program 

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At The Kula Collective it is an integral part of our mission and vision to empower people such as yourself to discover and explore your passions. Our Dharma Grant gives you financial support in exchange for giving back to the world through living your dharma.

We have 3 Dharma Grant Project opportunities:

1. GoFundMe Scholarship:

GoFundMe is an amazing crowdfunding platform that harnesses the power of the internet and social media to give people the means to raise funds. If it is a dream of yours to attend a Kula Training and you are experiencing financial obstacles, share with your family and friends and ask for support. Share your story by making a small video - why yoga, why Kula, why now? Share your intentions and dreams! Here is a quick outline on “How to Launch a Crowdfunding Campaign” and there are also many resources available online.

Dharma Grant: Kula will deduct $500 from your tuition cost after you reach your goal or fundraising completion date.


  • Share in the crowdfunding video & webpage why you want to do a Kula Collective 200 or 300 HR Yoga Teacher training and link Kula Collective’s website.

  • Share 15 Social media posts about your campaign & Kula Collective YTT (using proper tags). Share your ‘Kula Ambassador Code’ (register here if you don’t have one yet!) so you can receive kickback awards if anyone signs up from your code.  

  • Emails Out to your network: 1. Send out a ‘thank you’ email after your crowdfunding campaign (whether you reach the goal or not). 2. Send another gratitude email to everyone that helped fund your YTT after you complete the  the training with an update! Both emails contain links to Kula Collective’s website & Ambassador Code.

2. Creative Expression Scholarship

This scholarship is available to those with a passion for writing and sharing their creative expression. Are you active on your social media and interested in sharing your yoga teacher training journey with others? This is an opportunity to create content for Kula’s website and social media platforms in exchange for a scholarship towards your YTT tuition. If you already have a blog and would like to partner up with posts, please share with us your link in the application to see if we can collaborate together! The amount of this scholarship will be determined on a case-by-case basis dependent on the amount of creative content provided.

Dharma Grant: $600-1200 scholarship towards tuition


  • 2 Blog testimonials - written or video format

  • 5-10 Blogs on an approved topic (Yoga, attending a Kula YTT, Health, wellness, Ayurveda etc.)

  • 15-20 Social Media (Instagram / Facebook) posts about Kula Collective’s YTT (with correct tags & Kula Ambassador Code), option to do ‘pre & during & post YTT‘ Live Updates

3. Karmic Collaboration Scholarship

Choose an organization to partner with and create a karma service project that gives back to the community. This could be yoga classes, guided meditations, building a garden… anything that you feel inspired to share with your community. This is an act of service to support your hometown and in exchange supports your intention to attend a Kula training.

Partner Organizations ideas: Local NGO’s, Boys and Girl’s Club, Farmer’s Market, Humane Society

Dharma Grant: $1200-1500 towards tuition


  • Must provide Kula with a written agreement for your Karma Yoga Exchange with the organization & their contact information (email or phone number).

  • Offer at least 10 classes/meetings for free OR 15 hours volunteering at the organization

  • 10 Social media posts about your Karmic Collaboration with Kula Collective & the chosen organization. Includes tags & Kula Ambassador Code.

  • Post Training Meet up and share with your network about the Karmic Collaboration experience and the organization.

  • Projects may be featured in the Dharma Project Portfolio (if organization agrees!)


How to apply: 

1. Choose one of the three options and click on the button below for the application:

  • Creative Expression ($600-1200 scholarship towards tuition)

  • Karmic Collaboration ($1200-1500 scholarship towards tuition)

  • GoFundMe Scholarship ($500 scholarship towards tuition)

2. Your application will be reviewed by our board within one week and you will receive feedback. If you are eligible to receive a scholarship, we will inform you of the amount we are able to offer you and you will receive an agreement to review and sign*.

*Please note:

Kula Collective has the right to retract the scholarship amount if the project is not complete or reasonably attempted within the agreed upon completion date. This amount would need to be paid back to Kula. We are happy to be flexible case by case but ask for open communication and honesty in the process. Once a scholarship is awarded, an agreement will be created with completion date and credit card information will be stored via Stripe.

  • One scholarship per application.

  • Submitting an application for a scholarship does not guarantee that you will receive one.

  • Please also review all of the Dharma Grant Expectations above.

  • The Dharma scholarship can only be combined with a KAP (Kula Ambassador Program) discount.

Thanks for your interest in our Dharma Program. If you have questions about the application process, please e-mail admin@thekulacollective.com with subject line: Dharma Grant Questions.