Advanced Principles in Yin, Yang & Mind Intensive Level II

September 26 - October 3, 2019

Sedona, Arizona

Early Bird Discount: $150 off tuition until July 20th!


50 HR Yoga Alliance certified with yang & dharma aspects

with Kylie Roswell & Kali Basman

45 hours of contact training hours

5 hours homework and self-lead practice

Join us for LEVEL I 5 Elements Yin Yoga Teacher Training: Upcoming Dates - Mantiou Springs, CO - August 2019 & Sedona Hot Yoga September 13-19,2019)


Level II will focus on the cultivation of an enriched Pranic field and an in-depth investigation of Buddhist Philosophical Principles- which we mingle with psychological self-inquiry and awareness practices in Yin & Yang Yoga Asanas. This course offers advanced anatomy, Yin & Yang Posture Clinics, Neuro-physiology of the Autonomic Nervous System, and Meditation methodology. As such, facilitators assume you have a background of interest and/or experience in meditation and meridian systems.

While Durga Excursion’s Level I is not a required prerequisite, we so suggest you have trained previously in essential features of a Yin Yoga & mindfulness based practice. A discount for those who have taken Level I is available.

Topics Covered:

Yin Yoga: Principles, Anatomy & Physiology, Asana, Breath & Lines of Energy, Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridians & Organ health, Mapping the Subtle Body. Yoga for Trauma Healing & PTSD.

Yang Yoga: Advanced Posture Clinics, Hands-on Assists, Thai-Based Adjustments, Hatha Principles

Mind: Methods of Mindfulness, Shamata & Vipassana style Meditation in Asana, Buddhist Principles, Philosophy, & Psychology

Daily Practice as Ritual: dharma talks, yang and yin practices, inquiry exercises and mindfulness methods will be employed daily


Tuition: $1200 USD*

*Only one discount applicable:

Early Bird Discount Code (EARLYBIRD): $150 off tuition until July 20th!

Alumni Discount (ALUMNI): $200 off tuition!


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