As an LF and CF, Kula pays for your flights to the training location.

- You may choose the dates you wish. The Kula pays the price for a round-trip ticket.
- If you have a multi-destination flight for personal reasons, then the Kula will pay the ticket price if the multi- destination is cheaper. Otherwise, you will be credited the value of the round-trip flight to use towards your flight.
- Flight must be requested as early as possible, and no later than two months before the course begins. If you choose not to purchase your flight at two months out, you will be given the credit of that ticket price to purchase your ticket at a later date.
- If you change your flight for personal reasons, you are responsible for any change fees.

Kula will reimburse facilitators for up to 1 checked bag and 1 carry on bag. Any charges for additional bags or additional baggage weight will not be covered. If you are planning on taking instruments or other training specific equipment that may accrue extra charge, please contact us and we can discuss making allowances. If the baggage charge is less if paid in advance, rather than at the airport, Kula will reimburse at the lower rate.

Please fill out this Kula Flight request form with all relevant information, and our Expansion Director will purchase your flight using the Kula credit card.
- Your purchase may include one checked baggage and one carry on.
- You may request a certain flight, but if the Director finds a cheaper flight, you will be notified and asked or requested as early as possible and no later than 2 months out.