INSPIRE: A Holistic Practice Design Retreat

50hr Yoga Alliance Continuing Education


January 5-12, 2019

The Yoga Forest in San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala

Create an integrated practice for mind, body and spirit as you deepen your understanding of what a holistic yoga practice includes. Learn how to effectively infuse the Traditional Paths and Ancient Wisdom practices of yoga through a modern application and therapeutic approach.

Through designing a Holistic Practice, you are able to receive therapeutic benefits within the physical, mental and energetic bodies. During this retreat, you will discover a more embodied practice, and leave feeling empowered to maintain and/or share an inspired holistic practice to support optimal health and well being.

Each day we will explore different styles of Yoga, learning the tools to incorporate our major themes within asana, and beyond;




INSPIRE your practice! By experiencing wholeness, purna, learn how to best create balance for your own body and mind, and how to use these skills to create magic in yoga for others. Find your authentic expression within our sacred container as we come to celebrate the heart of who we really are.

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Other exciting and complementary activities include:

Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony

Devotional Community Kirtan

Creative Expression through Ecstatic Dance

Deep Presence through Sound Healing

Rest & Restore through Yoga Nidra

Cleanse & Purify with Plant Baths and Sauna

Connect to the Elements through Ceremony


And just for you:

Individual Wellness Consultation &

Personal Coaching Session


Not included, but available on site:

Massage, Reiki & other Holistic Therapies


This retreat is designed for both practitioners and teachers in order to INSPIRE the love and wisdom of yoga in your practice and/or teaching. Qualifying for 50 hrs of continuing education credit, this retreat is a registered with Yoga Alliance.

Not only for yoga teachers, this retreat is for anyone who shares an interest in cultivating a holistic practice through a deeper understanding of the roots of yoga.

Location: The Yoga Forest

In yoga practice and in nature, we clear the body and mind making space for wisdom and deeper understanding of life to flow freely and openly. Awaken the power of your spirit while living in a conscious living community overlooking the incredible Lake Atitlán, in the western highlands of Guatemala.

The Yoga Forest was founded as a sustainable living experiment, through a desire for living simply, greenly and in communion with everything surrounding us. In the forest you will find simplicity and rustic elegance in either shared and private accommodations, off the grid, and down to earth.

Meet the Facilitators

Join the Founder of The Yoga Forest, Hayley Saraswati and International Yoga Teacher, Randi Schiffman as they share their passions for Holistic Practice and Living.

Randi and Hayley have been living on Lake Atitlan for 10 years sharing their passion for an embodied holistic practice rooted in the foundations of yoga as a therapeutic healing modality.  Hayley Saraswati and Randi Schiffman are both founding members of the Kula Collective. They host yoga teacher trainings and retreats all over the world. Kula Collective stands out for its unique business practices, holistic and authentic approach and its powerful worldwide tribe. We weave together 7 threads that make our offering both unique and powerful. They are holistic yoga, sacred ceremony, quality facilitation, ongoing support, global community, conscious business and karma service.


Hayley Saraswati

Saraswati embodies the essence of the creative mother, balancing loving softness with a graceful strength. Her powerful presence inspires and empowers others to step into their full potential, through vibrant authenticity and awakening to the expansive joy of the heart. Her work brings together the teachings of yoga, non-dualism and earth wisdom, infused with a deep reverence for life.

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Randi Schiffman

Randi is the founder of SuryaFlow: The Art of Sacred Movement, a philosophy that unites ancient practices with breath awareness to bring about joyful living. It enocurages tapping into your natural rhythm to create harmony and balance and ultimately results in an awakening to the knowledge that we are all rays of light; unique extensions of the sun.

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Tuition & Room + Board:
shared cabana — $1395
private — $1595


All Inclusive Retreat Activities, Shared Cabaña and Delicious Vegetarian Meals

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