Kula Discounts & Grants

At Kula Collective we strive to make all of our offerings as accessible as possible to ALL, independent of their economic situation.

In this vein, we have created a variety of opportunities for people to receive discounts off of their tuition price.

Please note that only one discount can be used per training.  If you have any questions or comments, please Contact Us!


Flash Sale Early Bird Discount Dharma Grant Program 

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Flash Sale

For a selected amount of time, we choose specific trainings and offer significant discounts on tuition. If we are offering a flash sale for a Yoga Teacher Training, it will be announced in our newsletter and also featured on this page. If one of these incredible trainings is right for you, then jump on the discount while it is available! To receive updates on our flash sales, please subscribe to our newsletter at the footer of this webpage. 

Early Bird Discount

It makes our lives easier if you plan your training far in advance. In order to show our appreciation for the early planners, we offer an Early Bird discount of $300 off applicable Yoga Teacher Training tuition that start 3 months or more from now. Think ahead and save!


Kula Contests are a way to share your stories, ideas, creativity and inspiration with the world. In exchange, we'll choose our favorite entries and award prizes. The top contest prize is $1,000 off your Yoga Teacher Training tuition!

To learn about our current contest, visit our Contest Page.

Dharma Grant Program

At The Kula Collective it is an integral part of our mission and vision to empower people such as yourself to discover and explore your passions. The purpose of this Dharma Project is to allow us to better understand how you’re living out your dreams, and what challenges you face along the way. 

If you are interested in receiving a Dharma Grant to attend one of our offerings, you will be informed of the amount we are able to offer you, based on the scope and depth of your project proposal.

To Learn more about our dharma grant program, visit ouR Dharma Grant Program Page

Payment Plan Options

At Kula we offer very flexible and accommodating payment plans. You may stretch your tuition payment out over several months. This flexibility brings Kula Teacher Trainings into reach of many who would otherwise not be able to join. Your own education is the best investment!