When Kula was in the formation process, we spent a lot of time and energy in figuring out how our platform could be used to create abundance not just for ourselves, but for our community as well. After much discussion, meditation and thought, we developed the concept of the Kula Supported Transformational Retreat Platform (STR). These retreats are entirely created, organized and facilitated by our nearest and dearest friends and supported by Kula's marketing platform.

How it works...

Please fill out the application below. We ask for a $50 application fee (in exchange for what you receive listed below). Once accepted, we will make a landing page for your retreat on our Kula Collective website with a Contact link that directs to your email.

Your retreat will be added to our marketing rotation to share with our network! We ask for a 12% revenue compensation for any leads that came from Kula (via our Contact link or otherwise). Kula collects no money for leads that do not come from us, so there is only financial exchange on leads we bring to you!

In order to help you promote your offering to a greater audience, you can post your writings on Kula's Blog. You may submit up to 3 blog posts that we will publish on the Kula Collective website. This blog can be about a certain yoga topic or pertain to any intention you would like to share through your retreat. At the conclusion of the blog post, we will link to your retreat. We will also boost a post about your blog posts on the Kula Collective's Facebook Page for $5 at no cost to you!

One last perk for being part of our Kula network... You will be automatically accepted as a Kula Ambassador with a referral code to earn money for those who sign up for Kula YTTs with your code!

Examples of Kula Supported Retreats Blog post features: 

Break It Down in Bullet Points...

  1. First create an offering page with a registration button on your own website.

  2. Then fill out the application below which includes paying a $50 non-refundable deposit to Kula Collective (KC) and Kula will make a landing page for your retreat, add it on the Kula Retreat Calendar, and add to our marketing rotation.

  3. You may submit up to 3 blogs which we will post on the Kula Blog and promote on the Kula Facebook page with a $5 boost (paid for by Kula!). Kula will also post one additional social media post (photo) which you provide for your retreat that is not overly promotional that we will boost for $5.

  4. You will download the Kula logo and graphic to post on your social media once before your retreat and once after, as well as send out at least once to your email list.

  5. Within 10 days of the completion of the retreat, you will send a final list showing the total revenue of Kula generated leads and ALL participant's emails.

  6. Within 15 days of the completion of the retreat, you pay Kula 12% of the total revenue for all Kula generated leads. 

STaR Application
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