When Kula was in the formation process, we spent a lot of time and energy in figuring out how our platform could be used to create abundance not just for ourselves, but for our community as well. After much discussion, meditation and thought, we developed the concept of the Kula Supported Transformational Retreat Platform (STR). These retreats are entirely created, organized and facilitated by our nearest and dearest friends and supported by Kula's marketing platform.


How it works...

Please fill out the application below. Once accepted, you will create a $50 coupon code (KulaStar) within your registration system. This way you will be able to track leads generated by Kula... whomever signs up with the KulaStar code will be considered a Kula generated lead.


The Kula marketing team will broadcast this coupon code throughout our network. Upon the completion of your retreat, you will pay Kula Collective 12% of all of the revenue collected from Kula Generated Leads. Kula collects no money for leads that do not use the coupon code, so there is only financial exchange on leads we bring to you!

  • Kula will put your retreat on the Kula Retreat Calendar

  • On your offering's registration page, create the discount code "KulaStar" that grants $50 off the price of your offerin

  • STRs are featured at least once in our newsletter + blog is featured

  • STRs get written blog posts are boosted for $5 ($305 value) - once a month up to 4 months (4 blogs in total) - info about retreat at the end of the blog post with your bio

  • STR video post booked for $5 ($305 value)

  • STRs get 1 extra FB posts where Retreat Coordinator provides content that is not overly promotional ($305 value)

One last perk for being part of our Kula network... You will be automatically accepted as a Kula Ambassador and will receive $200 off of ANY Kula Yoga Teacher Training!


View our current Kula Supported Retreats here...


Examples of Kula Supported Retreats Blog post features: 

Break It Down in Bullet Points...

  1. First create an offering page on your own website
  2. To apply, please submit this application below with the $50 non-refundable deposit to Kula Collective.
  3. Kula will put your retreat on the Kula Supported Retreat Calendar
  4. On your offering's registration page, create the discount code "KulaStar" that grants $50 off the price of your offering
  5. In the 4 months leading up to your retreat, you may submit up to 1 blog per month (highly recommended) which we will post on the Kula Blog and promote on the Kula Facebook page with a $10 boost (paid for by Kula!). We will also feature a video, 1 extra FB post and a newsletter feature (to be discussed in the agreement!). Please upload the blogs, photos and videos here
  6. During your retreat, we ask you hand out Kula postcards and share about the Kula Collective
  7. Within 10 days of the completion of the retreat, you will send a final invoice showing the total revenue of Kula generated leads and ALL participant's emails
  8. Within 15 days of the completion of the retreat, you pay Kula 12% of the total revenue for all Kula generated leads, minus the $50 deposit
STaR Application
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