Create Space: Align and Cleanse Yoga Detox

Kura Kura 
Bali, Indonesia

June 23rd - 30th, 2018


 Jiya Julia Randall Cheralee Jones 


Get back into alignment with the highest version of yourself with this full rejuvenation of Body, Mind, and Spirit.

We combine the restart of a cleansing superfood diet with the holistic healing of yoga, meditation, sacred ceremony, ecstatic dance, mantra and freeform creative expression.

On the magical island of Bali, every step is sacred, and the stunning Kura Kura is the perfect space for this connection to emerge. We wake with the sun, using yoga, pranayama and cleansing as our portal into ourselves.  As we synchronize our breath with the sounds of nature, we open ourselves to the innate creative expression within and allow this clarity to take us forward on our path.

At the Create Space Bali Retreat, you will be supported with an energizing, cleansing diet while being guided in activities designed to ignite flow consciousness, a highly expansive and creative space of existence, inviting alignment with your highest version of yourself.

Bring the body into its purest form and receive inspiration through explorative creativity. Slip into a state of ease and crystal clear sight, allowing your spirit to flow into the work it came to this earth to do.

Yoga - Meditation - Creative Writing - Intuitive Painting - Voice activation and vocal toning - Somatic Movement - Visualization - Ecstatic Dance - Tai Chi - Cacao ceremonies - Pranayama - Ayurvedic Cleansing - Traditional Balinese Offering Ceremony - Cleansing superfood diet

- Create space within your body, mind and spirit and clear the path between you and your highest state of being.

- We use organic, local, high-vibration foods, matched to your constitution, to help you feel the best you can be, with regular, ceremonial servings of local cacao to open up your sensitivity and ignite inspiration in your veins!

- Led by experienced international facilitators and creatives Cheralee Joy and Jiya Julia Randall, you will be guided through a series of deep, holistic yoga practices with visualizations, pranayama, ayurvedic cleansing and meditations to align you to your highest self.

- The enlivening diet and enriching practices are accompanied by daily creative group sessions, including freeform writing, intuitive painting, ecstatic dance, tai chi and voice activation, to expand your personal boundaries and empower you to gain clarity on your path of highest alignment.

- Take time to bond with like-minded group members or spend time with yourself, relaxing in Kura Kura’s peaceful gardens and pool, receiving Balinese massage and spa treatments, walking and swimming the beach, venturing into nearby Canggu or taking optional day trips to nearby temples and attractions.

Restart your body to empower your mind.

Clear the way to align yourself with your highest purpose.

Supercharge the manifestation of your dreams!


Typical Daily Schedule:

6:30-9am: Morning Yoga

Deep and purposeful asana, pranayama, ayurvedic cleansing and meditation to open your body and clear your mind.

9am: Rejuvenating Breakfast*

10am: Free Time

1pm: Energizing Lunch*

2pm: Free Time

4-6pm: Create Space Sessions

Including freeform writing, intuitive painting, ecstatic dance, tai chi and vocal toning.

6pm: Light Dinner*

7-8pm (some evenings): Satsang gathering

Including mantra, ceremony, voice activation, visualization, yoga nidra and group connection.

*All meals are vegetarian and dairy-free, fresh and locally sourced.  We use in-season vegetables, ferments, herbal tonics and superfoods and tailor our cuisine to match your constitution, helping you to find your best form in body, mind and spirit.

What you'll love about Bali…

Bali is filled with incredible nature, art and exquisite beauty.  Spirituality is inherently infused into the unique culture, with a strong Balinese community spirit. Every aspect of this life involves some sort of prayer, worship or offering to the gods, as an expression of the heart.  Being in this reverent setting and around such stunning natural beauty is sure to awaken the spirit within.


Kura Kura Yoga Retreat is situated in a tranquil and secluded environment, just 50 steps from the beach of Seseh, a traditional fishing village, untouched by major tourism but close enough to the shops and buzz of Seminyak and walking distance from Echo Beach, a famous Bali surfspot. It provides a sanctuary in an idyllic, nurturing space, full of the life-giving qualities of the earth.

The surroundings invite you to rise to the song of the birds, take walks along the beach, visit the many local temples, watch the waves moving in and experience amazing sunsets. The elegant simplicity of their cottages give a feeling of simultaneously being away and coming home.  This intimate resort on the shores of Bali offers an oasis of serenity, a sanctuary for the body, heart and mind. It is a perfect ground to rejuvenate and emerge into the magic of Bali.

Come, play, relax, learn and be nurtured. Feed your soul with gourmet superfoods and cleansing rituals, and let the elements of the Indian Ocean refresh your soul.

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Retreat All-Inclusive:

USD $1,395* Shared accommodation

USD $1,895* Private accommodation

*does not include transport, although this can be arranged through Kura Kura Retreat

*A 3% processing fee will be assessed if paying by Credit Card. 
You can avoid fees by paying by check. Contact us for more information!