wild feminine rhythms of jungle retreat

 Wild Feminine: Rhythms of the Jungle

January 19 - 25, 2019

Sattvaland, Stann Creek, Belize

Join an adventure of a lifetime. An immersion into the jungle where we will dive into the depths of the hidden territories within. Through dynamic meditations, dance, yoga, singing, partner work, deep inquiry and reflections we will begin to understand our inner landscapes so that as women, you can collectively rise. We will share seven days of shedding what is no longer needed, gathering the support to continue forward as powerful women and witnessing ourselves and other sisters in our transformation.

WILD to us means living in the natural state, dancing with the rhythms of nature and connected to the cycles of the moon. It means deeply listening to the messages of our bodies and honoring them fully and completely. It means learning our boundaries, our 'yes' and 'no' and standing firmly within them like a tree rooted in the Earth. 

The jungle IS the Wild Feminine, and this immersion will reconnect YOU to the authentic, raw truth that lives inside your heart, your guts, and in the womb of every woman. 

We will walk through the jungle, reawaken our creativity, learn how to live in harmony with the Earth, dance and inquire deeply under the roof of the Yoga Shala and emerge stronger, more rooted in our authentic voices, and ready to meet the world with our fullness.


  • Dance

  • Tantric Hatha Yoga 

  • Yin/Restorative yoga

  • Ritual Theater

  • Singing Circles (Opening the Authentic voice)

  • Self-inquiry

  • Journaling

  • Partner practices

  • Meditation (still/dynamic)

  • Jungle walks

  • Art

  • Organic food from the land

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Natural Pool swims

  • Cave Ceremony

  • Beach Day

  • Cultural Exchange with local Mayan ladies


What you'll love about the Sattvaland Retreat Center...

Belize provides the unique opportunity to speak English in a small, but well-travelled Latin American country, while absorbing the inspiring influence of its mostly Mayan and Caribbean population. Sattvaland is a beautiful, off-the-grid rainforest property located on 20 acres of lush virgin jungle nestled in the Maya Mountains, designed to create an off-grid living experience embodying the wide spectrum of what it means to live a Regenerative Lifestyle. Sattva means purity, truth, serenity, and this land truly blooms with Sattvic qualities that bring inspiration to the soul and peace to the mind.

With delicious food grown on the land and alchemized in the holistic kitchen, with pure water filtered through the rainforest, this is a rare opportunity to connect back to the whole. Sattva's forest gardens and greenhouse provide plentiful greens, herbs, root vegetables, fruit, and more, which are shared in meals that are nourishing, farm-grown, and local. Its eco-chic infrastructures include a wild and beautiful Yoga Shala and community area, supported by maturing forest gardens and large-scale agroforestry systems that weave together tropical foods and medicinal plants, lumber, shade, and all around ecosystem resilience. Eat, breathe and live yoga as you immerse yourself in the purity and holistic lifestyle of Sattvaland!

Meet your Facilitators…


Giulia Garofalo

Giulia’s passion for alchemy has been alive since a young age. In 2014, she moved to the jungle of Belize with her family and founded Sattva Land…a Eco-Conscious retreat Center for healing and regeneration. Sattva has deepened Giulia’s observations of alchemical interrelations between the Earth and people. Through the growth of the land project, her love to transform nature into nourishment and prepare food as medicine took strong root.

sara catlett bio

Sara Catlett

With a background and passion in massage therapy, Sara began studying SomaVeda Thai Yoga Therapy, which is an ancient traditional practice that uses the whole body to heal the whole body. Thai is a passive form of yoga where the client gets moved into yoga postures and uses compression, stretching, acupressure, and rocking to alleviate tension, misalignment, and limitations. Thai Therapy focuses on the meridian lines of the body, stimulating the flow of blood and lymph, for an invigorating and full body experience. 



Shared Accommodation- $1545 USD

Double Accommodation- $1635 Usd

*Please note all prices include accommodation, meals, full schedule of the Wild Feminine Retreat, Outings and group transportation from and to Belize Airport. 

Use our discount code ‘KULASTAR’ when registering!