Vibrant People: Thriving Planet 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training +

72 HR Permaculture Design Course

January 17 - February 16, 2020

~ Awaken in the Abundance of the Jungle in Costa Rica ~

Location: Punta Mona Retreat Center

Manzanillo, Costa Rica

Early Bird: $600 off tuition for the month of September!

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 Are you looking to find deeper understanding of and harmony within your Self and the Earth around you?

Are you passionate about sharing your light and your gifts with your communities?

Are you looking for a group of like-hearted souls to call family?

Does the idea of disconnecting to reconnect with the earth for a month at the storied Punta Mona off-grid permaculture center light you up inside?

Imagine balancing effortlessly in Tree pose, feeling the quiet strength of your roots burying deep into the earth as you feel the ancient trunks of jungle giants silently all around…Bury your worries in soft coral sand as the caresses of a healing breeze and warm waves fill your body with vitality.  At our off-the-grid, jungle farm location at Punta Mona, you will learn to deepen your Yoga practice and lead others to do the same, as well as to design Permaculture systems that heal earth and body. Drink in the smell of ginger and ylang ylang while your ears take in the symphony of parrots, howler monkeys and the slow rush of a sleepy sea.

This unique offering brings together the powerful study of Yoga with a deep dive into the regenerative practices of Permaculture Design. The practices of self care and earth care are deeply intertwined, and it is this union that will form the basis of this 31-day learning journey. By the end you’ll be a 200 HR Registered Yoga Teacher (200RYT) as well as hold a 72 HR Permaculture Design Certification (PDC).

In this Yoga Teacher Training + PDC, every moment is breathtakingly intertwined with the power of nature.  We start our day with what is real: waking with the sun, breathing with the sounds, meditating and moving with the rhythms of the jungle. We practice and learn in the open air, drawing constantly from the elements of the Earth to help us in our process of discovery.

We will combine this deep study of the self with the development of a keen eye to recognize natural patterns and design regenerative systems that promise to bring sustenance to our generation and those yet to come.

Experience the sweetness of life while dancing to the heartbeat of the jungle beaches by moonlight.  Swim in the warm, shallow waters of the Caribbean and experience the magic of living your passion. Use Earth Medicine practices, sacred ceremony and the wisdom of the Andes to transform your world, understand your soul's journey and reveal your true connection to Self.  

Draw on the healing effects that such an immersion in nature provides while learning a holistic approach to teaching and design; taste tropical, medicinal foods while filling yourself up on the experience of Caribbean rainforest living.  Follow the call to la Pura Vida, where the strong bonds of lifelong practice and family friendship await you. Disconnect from the swirl of the everyday world as you connect to the immense power of nature in the Caribbean coastal jungle!

Permaculture provides you with the toolkit to create the world you dream of living in!

Permaculture is a philosophy and practice of ecological design that doesn’t tell you what to do – it teaches you how to think. In the study of Permaculture, we challenge the current paradigm of where our food and water come from, the way we are constructing our villages and towns, and how we live our day-to-day. At Punta Mona, our Permaculture Design Course grads have gone on to become change-makers all over the world, designing their own land projects, founding eco-communities, redesigning their businesses, spearheading policy change and continuing to teach the permaculture principles and ethics.

Highlights of the Vibrant People: Thriving Planet Training;

  • Eat, breathe and live yoga and permaculture as you immerse yourself in the holistic lifestyle of Punta Mona, the oldest Permaculture farm in Costa Rica

  • Use Earth Medicine practices, sacred ceremony and the wisdom of the shamans to transform your world, understand your soul's journey and reveal your true connection to Self

  • Coordinate your adventure with the small but vibrant Envision Festival, Feb 25-29, known for its commitment to sustainability and embrace of yoga and holistic health

  • Disconnect from the swirl of the everyday world as you connect to the immense power of nature and simple living in the Caribbean coastal jungle

  • Experience community life on an 85-acre sustainable permaculture farm, where we live in harmony with our surroundings

  • Learn about and taste tropical food and herbs from the abundant jungle gardens

  • Feed your soul with three gourmet jungle vegetarian meals per day, mostly organic & local with many raw food options and local superfoods

  • Practice yoga while listening to the soothing ocean waves

  • Disconnect as you leave roads and phone network behind (limited wifi available)

  • Hiking through primary rainforest

  • Experience the bliss of Pura Vida!



  • Snorkeling tropical reefs

  • Surfing (weather permitting)

  • Learn Spanish

  • Visit nearby traveler's mecca, Puerto Viejo

  • Sea kayaking

  • Optional raw foods or herbs workshop

  • Natural mud bath cleanse in nearby jungle river

  • Help at the Jaguar rescue center

  • Visit sloth sanctuary

  • Horse back riding along the beach

  • Boat tours, fishing

  • Massage and healing work

  • Beach fires with live music


Meet your Facilitators…

Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 9.28.20 AM.png

Holly Mech

Holly began teaching yoga in Chicago in 2011. Her desire to deepen her teaching and personal practice led her to continue her yoga education in California, Bali, Australia and Guatemala.

She now travels around the world teaching yoga and facilitating yoga teacher trainings. Her classes are creative and dynamic with an emphasis on making yoga accessible to everyone.

Holly studied English at the University of Illinois at Chicago and frequently draws inspiration for her classes from literature and poetry. When she’s not on the yoga mat she enjoys exploring nature, singing, dancing and working with textiles.


Sanni Shukraya

Sanni shares her lifework through holistic movement, meditation and energy work. Born and raised in Finland, she has a deep connection with nature and a heartfelt passion to function in a greater harmony with the web of life. A world traveler and devoted yogini her work with holistic health is inspired by many colorful indigenous cultures and traditions she has experienced.

Having reflected the teachings of different traditions, schools, tribes and rituals, and at the same time witnessing the idea of separation in the world between people and nature led her to dedicate her whole life to serve a greater unity and wholeness both individually and collectively.

With her dharma, Sanni encourages people to dive deep into the secrets of their beings, experience their True Self and step into their purest power as creators of life. She has a university degree in Sport and Health Sciences concentrated on holistic health aspect of yoga and dance.


What you'll love about the Punta Mona Retreat Center...

Punta Mona, on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica close to the Panamanian border, is built on the power of community and the beauty of living a simple, intentional life. We will share lodging and bathrooms in simple, sustainable community lodges, with comfortable shared spaces and hammocks.  Single options are available. Compost toilets and showers are shared by all and the center doubles as a permaculture community and education center.

Punta Mona offers the unlikely experience of a sustainable, permaculture education center in the deep jungle of Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast.  Surrounded by unique foods and medicinal plants, and secluded from roads, modern technology and other people, this is a totally unique opportunity to “Disconnect to Reconnect”. This is a unique place and one that has much to teach about the things we take for granted, the power of community, imagination, equality and the beauty of living a simple, intentional life. Eat, breathe and live yoga as you immerse yourself in the holistic lifestyle of the oldest Permaculture farm in Costa Rica.

Disconnect to Reconnect as you discover your true nature.


Check out a glimpse of beautiful Punta Mona…

Videos by Alex Markow 


What you'll love about the Kula Collective 200-hour Training + Punta Mona PDC …

The Kula Collective 200-hour training provides a deep immersion in the practice of yoga - living, learning and embracing all aspects of yoga as a lifestyle and deepening the connection to oneself and the earth through the wisdom of shamanic practices. These traditions, designed to grant us access to the infinite wisdom we carry within ourselves, are smoothly blended together to form a holistic offering rooted in the principal of yoga as union, a channel for connection to the divine.

In addition to meeting the Yoga Alliance standards for teaching methodology, anatomy, yogic theory and special education, Kula Collective's 200hr YTT focuses on the expansion of our own sacred consciousness, so that we can fully embody our practice and radiate the teachings in our own presence. This course will provide a solid foundation of yoga including the history and traditional paths, the 8 limbs of ashtanga yoga, anatomy and exploration of asana through the Kula Basic Flow and its asana analysis.

After learning the Kula Basic Flow we deepen our understanding of Self through study of yoga philosophy, cleansing, Bhakti Yoga and ceremony. We share creative teaching methodology for designing balanced and holistic classes, using the Kula Signature Sequences as building blocks and providing support for new teachers to creatively sequence their own classes. The course will give multiple opportunities for participants to teach and receive feedback, so that they leave with not only a fully prepared sequence, but multiple shorter sequences and a plethora of inspiration ready to create from the heart.

The Kula Collective 200-hour YTT provides you with concrete tools and clear strategies to live your life with passion and purpose. Perhaps you’re wondering if it’s really worth your time, money and effort to become Yoga Alliance certified as a 200-hour registered yoga teacher (RYT). We understand how you feel; this path is not an easy one, yet we’ve found that even those who have no plans of actually teaching Yoga have come away deeply transformed by this experience, with crystal clarity on steps they can take to manifest their dreams.

Throughout our time together we engage in self-inquiry to clear space for the true teacher within to shine. By releasing the stories and holdings that no longer serve us, we create more space to see our gifts, our passions and the essence of who we are as beings on a path to holistic, connected living.

This training will provide a strong foundation in yogic practice and philosophy, and a fresh perspective on life. Through the unique experience of uncovering and discovering our true nature, we empower our students to become inspired leaders in their communities and wherever they go in the world. Step away from the rush and come closer to your calling, through connecting to your heart and embracing the oneness within all.

Foundation of Yoga - Anatomy & Physiology - Ayurveda - Pranayama - Meditation - 8 Limbs of Ashtanga - Asana Analysis & Assisting

Kula Flows & Creative Sequencing - Teaching Methodology - Advanced Pranayama - Cleansing - Philosophy

Tantra - Shamanism - Chakras - Satsang - Kirtan & Ceremony


Typical Kula Day:

6:15 - 8:30 am Art of Practice

Meditation, Pranayama, and Asana

8:30 - 10 AM Breakfast

10- 1 pm Art of Living/Teaching

Yoga Anatomy, Philosophy, Daily Intentions & Special topics

1 - 3 pm Lunch & Self-Study

3 - 5:30 pm Art of Teaching

Kula Flow, Asana Analysis, Adjustments & Creative Sequencing

5:30 - 7 pm Dinner

7 - 8:30 pm Art of Healing

Ceremony, Kirtan or Satsang sacred gathering (*every other evening)


All this will be seamlessly integrated with the world-renowned Punta Mona Permaculture Design Certification experience:

  • 72+ hour Permaculture Design Course & Certificate upon completion

  • Living with the land, integrating health, practical design and community development.

  • Explore all aspects of environmental living and practices by learning from those working and living in the field.

  • The World Situation

  • What is Permaculture?: Ethics, Principles & Characteristics

  • Ecological System Basics & Bioregions

  • Design Methods & Map Reading

  • Climates, Elements & Microclimates

  • Understanding Soil

  • Earthworks

  • Water Management

  • Plants to Trees & Trees to Forests

  • Windbreaks and Wind Corridors

  • Patterns in Nature; Context (culture, climate, etc.)

  • Zone 0: Bio-Architecture

  • Zone 1: Home Garden

  • Zone 2: Fruit Tree Forest; Animals & Orchards

  • Zone 3: Field Crops & Large Animals

  • Zone 4: Harvest Forests

  • Zone 5: Forests

  • Wildlife Management & Integrated Pest Management

  • Ethical Investment, Land Ethics and Access, Incomes from Acres

  • Suburban & Urban Permaculture

  • Ecovillages

  • Invisible Structure Models

  • Design for Disaster

  • Discussions in: Triple Bottom Line Business, Education Alternatives, Slow Food, Economics in Agriculture, Green Building, Alternative Energies, Community Development, Organic Gardening, Homesteading

  • 7 Day Field Practical: Apply what you learned during the first two weeks in Water Systems, Garden Projects, Green House Work, Field to the Plate Cooking, Herbal Medicine, Medicine Making, Herbal Body Care, Kitchen Remedies, Fermented Foods, Chocolate Making and more!

You as a Permaculture Designer!

This course is designed to equip you with the understanding and knowledge to become a Permaculture Designer. Thee purpose of this knowledge is to act upon it. Permaculture is about creating the reality of a permanent culture. The function of a designer is to know where things are to be placed and, in particular, why they are to be placed there.

A good designer relies on the number of elements available, information about elements, ability to use that information harmoniously, and the degree of success in comprehension. It is not necessary to know how to build or level or engineer or even garden. You cannot know everything. It is necessary to plan for their implementation, possibly by those with expert skills. You can and will gain skills in many of these areas but your prime goal is to design. Reading is necessary after the course ends, but essential planning data is given. 


Conscious Exploration Through The Four Arts...

Our curriculum is split into four teaching tracks, woven through each of the three cycles.  The Four Arts recognize and develop our studies in yoga in a thoroughly holistic manner, stimulating our students to become inspired, knowledgeable and intuitive teachers, expressing and modelling all aspects of this ancient lifestyle practice.

Art of Practice: Asana, Pranayama and Meditation infused with related themes, creative sequencing and personal practice design

Art of Living: Meditation, Yoga Philosophy of sacred texts and personal exploration and transformational developmental work

Art of Teaching: Theory and Methodology, Pranayama, Adjustments, Alignment, Sequencing, Transitions, Workshopping and Asana Analysis, Anatomy and unique therapeutic focus on various areas of the body

Art of Healing: Sacred Ceremony, Therapeutic Yoga for mental health, Ayurveda, Chakras and Shamanism and other energetic and holistic healing practices


Journey Through the Three Worlds of the Chakana...

Each of our training programs have been carefully designed to incorporate 200 intensive hours, as detailed by the Yoga Alliance, using the Kula Collective signature structure of the Chakana. The Andean Cross allows a transformative journey through the lower, middle and upper worlds of this ancient tradition, allowing us to explore the many levels of our being.

Beginning with the Lower World, we Explore our unconscious and physical abilities and limitations, recognizing and breaking through self-created boundaries. By releasing what no longer serves us, we create more space in the body and mind through the cultivation of awareness and the understanding of the roots of yoga, anatomy, foundational practices and selfless service.  Throughout this cycle we will practice and learn in depth the poses and sequencing of our Kula Basic Flow, with daily opportunity to teach to peers and receive feedback.

In the Middle World we Empower, discovering more of who we are, through experiencing elemental awareness and self inquiry, allowing us to embody the teachings and live to our full potential. After teaching their first full yoga class, participants dive deep into the work of Patanjali's Ashtanga (8 limbs) philosophy, applied anatomy, philosophy, pranayama, ayurveda and chakras, deepening understanding of our true nature and evoking a strong love for the self and each other.

From our work in the Lower and Middle worlds, we experience a sense of freedom in the Upper World as we Expand, shifting from gross to more subtle realms of consciousness, letting us step into our radiant power. With topics such as complementary holistic health practices, yoga sutras in depth, and the profession of yoga, we close our training with a clear personal practice and teaching plan, fueled with inspiration to grow our gifts and manifest our dreams.





$3650 for YTT + PDC



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More Information?

First, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.
For questions, comments, or concerns, please Contact Us!

Join our Kula!

Our intention in all we offer is to create a world wide conscious community of space holders and healers who go on to share their own version of this work with others. We honor our sacred sites and give back to the communities who host us. We celebrate with ceremony and music, honoring the teachers who have come before us, our ancestors, at the same time trusting in the power we all have to heal ourselves and be our own greatest Guru. We invite you to come and be a part of our greater mission and vision of global spiritual awakening... and help us spread the Kula spirit!

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