Discovering Birth Retreat

July 14th - 27th, 2019

Tzununa, Bambu Guest House

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala


Birth is unique, powerful, transitional. Birth provides the couple and the woman a passage into motherhood. It rebirths her as a woman and offers a foundation and source of strength and empowerment for the rest of her/their life. In tis course we rediscover birth by diving into the physical, emotional and spiritual realms of pregnancy, birth and creation. We explore how we can empower women throughout this process and how we can connect again to our roots and source.


  • (Future) Birth workers who want to weave western and indigenous birthing models and create a new birthing paradigm in which we re-imagine birth

  • Beginning and experienced doulas

  • (Aspiring) midwives or midwife students

  • Prenatal yoga teacher trainers who want to broaden their knowledge about the sacredness of birth

  • Mothers/fathers who want to take charge over their own body and birth experiences


  • Gain a thorough understanding of the process of creation, fertility, normal and low-risk pregnancy, birth and postpartum

  • Be mentored by an experienced international homebirth midwife and indigenous Guatemalan midwives

  • Learn practical midwifery skills and rituals in how to support a woman throughout pregnancy and birth

  • Understand the history and politics of midwifery

  • Learn how to assist during a birth: basic midwifery assistant skills during a normal birth and particular emergency situations.

  • Learn how to palpate a pregnant belly: the fetal position and lie, fundal height, fetal heart rate

  • Offer pelvic balance exercises through the teaching of Spinning Babies

  • Explore the concepts of postmodern midwifery and the future of human kind through the teachings of Sheila Kitzinger and Michel Odent

  • Understand the physiology and hormonal orchestration of low-risk pregnancy and birth

  • Learn how to perform indigenous birth rituals: postpartum massage, use of the Temazcal (sauna), abdominal wraps (faja), herbal sitz baths, closing of the bones ceremony (el Cerrado)

  • Learn how to perform a basic prenatal consultation: physical examination of the woman, emotional and spiritual support and holistic guidance throughout pregnancy: nutrition, exercise, movement, spinning babies, …

  • Explore the postpartum period with her specific topics: the fourth trimester, breastfeeding support, postpartum depression.

Topics Covered:

During the first week:


-Culture of childbirth: exploration through birth art and social anthropology

-History and Politics of childbirth and Midwifery:  The fight for humanized birth

-Birth and Spirit

-Midwives: who are they?

-Becoming a Midwife: individual consultations available for help determining which path is right for you.

-The social versus the technocratic model of birth

-Birth Settings: homebirth, hospital, birth center


-Our menstrual cycle and fertility awareness

-Preconception time and the importance of nutrition

-Learning how to date a pregnancy

-Basic anatomy and physiology of pregnancy - pelvic assessment

-Common discomforts of pregnancy and their treatments

-Walking through the ten lunar months of pregnancy

-Determining Fetal Position in pregnant women (hands-on)

-Components of the prenatal visit:  taking blood pressure, measuring fundal height, and determining fetal heart rate by doppler and fetoscope - theory + hands-on + discussion: medical versus traditional model!

-Conducting a health history and prenatal intake

-Traditional Mayan Midwifery techniques by local indigenous Guatemalan midwives

During the second week:


-Informed choice and consent: exploration of 10 pregnancy topics with the BRAIN-acronym.

-Cultural conditioning


-The holistic stages of birth versus birth as a series of medical events

-The art of touch

-Birthing support techniques, positions, and techniques to encourage fetal rotation (spinning babies)

-Holding a sacred space for the birthing woman and her family

-Traditional birth practices from all around the world

-Common complications of labor and understanding reasons for transfer to hospital

-Advocacy for humanized birth on a global level


-Introduction to the postpartum period:  physiological and mental health care, spiritual transmission, intergenerational work

-Obstetrical violence against women + PTSD

-The dance of breastfeeding

-Sexuality after pregnancy

-Closing ceremony including traditional Mayan sauna and blessing of the hands

Daily Flow:

  • 7.30 am: Breakfast

  • 8.30 am: Midwifery theoretical teachings

  • 10.30 am: Break

  • 11.00 am: Teachings / Guest lecture

  • 12.30 pm: Lunch - 2.5 hr break

  • 2.30 pm: Midwifery hands-on practice

  • 5.30 pm: Break

  • 6.30 pm: Dinner

  • 8.00 pm: Optional evening activity (movie, discussion circle, sauna, fire circle, … )


What you will love about the Bambu Guest House

You will spend 13 nights in the stunning eco- Bambu Guest House in Tzununa, a small village at Lake Atitlan. Daily, you will receive 3 organic meals made with fresh, local products from their Atitlan Organic Farm. You can chose your type of accommodation through inquiring below.




$ 1250 + ($ 595-695) USD

Includes: 2- week intensive teachings, guest lectures, study materials, training manual and 13 nights shared accommodation, 3 organic meals/day, snacks, coffee and tea.

Does not include: airfare, transportation costs


The full cost of the retreat is USD $1250 for all facilitation and course materials, plus your $595/$695 accommodations ticket for the lodging and meals provided during the retreat.

To secure your spot in the retreat, you make a non-refundable deposit of 500 dollars. We have limited spaces available on this incredible, unique retreat so sign up soon enough!

  • Payment plans are available for those in need but full payment has to be completed by the beginning of the course.

  • There is a 10% discount for those who sign up with 2 people


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