Ryan Lahre

Ryan Michele teaches yoga as a practice of reconnecting with the self in the present moment. Particularly sensitive to meeting people at all levels and backgrounds, she creates an inclusive environment in which people can feel safe reconnecting body and breath, mind and spirit.

Ryan Lahre Kula Collective

While enthusiastic about making the yoga practice available to brand new beginners, Ryan compassionately instills confidence in students of all levels to explore and challenge their own boundaries.  She is a strong space-holder for others, and is known for her contagious smiling.

Ryan has been teaching since 2012. Her study began with her own practice of many years and has continued under the guidance and influence of many teachers. Her areas of focus have included kids’ yoga, yin and therapeutic yoga, and trauma-informed yoga. She is continually searching for new tools to make health and wellness more accessible to more people more of the time.

A devotee of the holistic viewpoint of life, Ryan believes everything matters and that reconnecting with the self is a skill we can all grow strong from practicing. She believes in finding the joy and magic in this practice over and over again. Currently, Ryan travels the world savoring the sweetness of life and sharing the magic of yoga.

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