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100hr Yoga as Medicine: Holistic Alignment YA Intensive

February 11th-23rd, 2019

Casa De Liberación
San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala

with Cher Joy and Jiya Julia Randall

A Yoga Alliance Certified Retreat based on Holistic Alignment

In the heart-opening views and avocado-coffee forests of stunning Lake Atitlan we dive deep into the therapeutic benefits of the ancient practice of yoga. Weaving together fine-tuned alignment, adjustment and assists with the subtle art of yogic energetics, this 100hr Yoga Alliance-certified course is designed to explore the nature of yoga as a holistic healing tool. With internationally acclaimed facilitators Cher Joy and Jiya Julia Randall, this training will advance your studies and guide your personal practice deep into the very roots of yoga.

The Yoga as Medicine curriculum focuses on the expansion of awareness throughout the body, mind and spirit. Where our attention goes, our energy flows. By harnessing our concentration and placing it on the micro-adjustment of our body into its own sacred geometry, we unlock the natural healing power of our being. Teachings will be integrated into personal practice to foster an understanding built on your own discovery.

Experience what it feels like to truly feel the natural symmetry of your own body, learning physical and energetic anatomy from the inside and experiencing the energetic harmony that comes with deep internal balance. Using Intuitive Flow Consciousness as a guide, we will journey through the holistic alignment of the self, from the physical benefits of balancing the system through to what it means to replenish through alignment with your passionate purpose in this life.

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Bring a Friend and each recieve $200 off tuition!

Through this innate understanding, you will grow to better understand how to help another, whether it be through building a tailored practice or assisting with an injury. Using a variety of traditional and modern practices, you will learn how to improve digestion, cleanse the system, rebalance asymmetry, deepen meditation, work with depression & anxiety and know how to adapt postures for practitioners of all abilities. Complementing the teachings are the shamanic tools of ceremony, sound and visualization, along with the power of Bhakti yoga to guide a deep inner exploration.

Experience the harmony that comes with the activation of your energetic awareness, through clearing blockage and grounding yourself in a well-balanced body. Join us on the sacred lake of Guatemala and unlock the healing potential of your own body and mind. Free up life force within yourself and step back into your natural state of flow.

Discover the true medicine of yoga.

This course is intended for yoga teachers or those with a good understanding of yoga who are looking to go deeper, establish a personal practice and share that practice with others.


Yoga as Medicine Curriculum

Finding Foundation

Feet, balance and how to ground

Body Connectivity

Holistic sequencing, Yin yoga, the Inner voice and the Fascial Web

Energetics of yoga

Mudras, Chakras, Bandhas, Pranayama, Prana Vayus and visualization

Standing Strong

Alignment and stability in yogasana, creating space and building up to a peak

Yoga of Sound

Flow State, Bhakti Yoga, sound ceremony, Kirtan

The Power of the Mind

Meditation theory, Flow Consciousness, psychology and manifestation

Back care and the spine

Managing pain, building strength, posture, working with damaged discs, scoliosis and realignment of spinal conditions, backbending and heart opening

Shamanic yoga

Transforming reality through the power of earth medicine, ceremony, journeying and spiritual connection

Holistic Cleansing

Understand specifics of posture choice while enjoying a clean diet, kriyas and sweat lodge ceremony

Curriculum is balanced between guided sequences, personal practice, detailed workshops, group circles, peer teaching exercises and your own unique, experiential journey.

Graduating participants will receive a certificate of completion that can be applied towards total Yoga Alliance training hours and can be used for Kula Collective module format 300hr certification.

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Highlights of Yoga as Medicine:

  • Attain Yoga Alliance certified hours (YACEP)

  • Deepen your understanding of holistic alignment

  • Experience balance from the inside out and discover how yoga asana can be directed to heal imbalances and restructure your body AND mind

  • Repattern your consciousness through meditation, sound and visualization

  • Reconnect with the power of nature in the off-the grid and sustainable forest retreat of Casa de Liberacion

    You may use this course as part of the Kula Collective 300hr Module training (counts towards RYT-500 certification)



Includes Tuition:

Shared - $2,100 USD

Private cabana - $2,500 USD

Private Ensuite - $2,700 USD

Early Bird Offer! Sign up before November 11 and receive $200 off tuition!

Bring a Friend and each recieve $200 off tuition!


About Your Facilitators:

cher and julia bio

Internationally-acclaimed facilitators Jiya Julia Randall and Cher Joy have many years of combined experience training yogis and teachers and leading groups in transformational work. Both have a solid experience assisting with a plethora of different needs as well as healing their own bodies through a tailored therapeutic practice. Jiya is a talented and vibrant leader, with deep connection to the energetic subtleties of yoga. She is known for her patient and clear teaching style, creative expression and beautifully evocative classes. Cher has a strong background in Iyengar yoga and places breath as the main focus of practice. She balance many years of experience in traditional forms of yoga with a fluid embrace of somatic movement and flow.

Together they create a powerful and informed team who unite in their passion for utilizing yoga as a therapy.  Their harmony both as individuals and together is evident in their effortless weaving of the teachings with music, somatic movement and ceremony. With both having many years experience teaching YA yoga teacher trainings internationally, Cher and Jiya are accustomed to going deep into the analysis of posture and the integration of committed practice to life. Both teach from the philosophy that through precise alignment of the body, alignment of thought, word and action can follow, leading to greater focus and a deeper connection to our true life's purpose. Their classes are presented as holistic experiences, allowing inner harmony to radiate outwards to balance in the body and in the life.


What you’ll love about Casa de Liberacion…

Casa de Liberacion is situated on an ancient mayan site of Xeabaj, the sacred cliff pinched between river and mountains, which harnesses some very powerful energy and centuries ago was home to many traditional ceremonies. Casa de Liberación is designed to be a place of comfort, safety and authenticity; a home for spiritual growth, healing, celebration and learning. The centerpiece of the property is the big and beautiful, cedar-floored yoga shala with floor to ceiling windows opening to an outdoor platform in the elements.

This digital-free space in the beautiful mountain valley of San Marcos La Laguna, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala is surrounded by coffee and avocado trees and blessed with the deep peace of nature immersion and simple living. Centered on the energy of Lago Atitlan and blessed with the view of the three volcanoes, here we enjoy birds, wildlife, abundant plants, nature and lots of hiking, including up to a nearby spring. The construction of the building was completed in December 2017 and everything in the space is brand new and beautiful. We are located an easy 15 minute walk from the town of San Marcos where you will find all the conveniences of this lively small town which has become a mecca for spiritual seekers around the world.

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