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Sacred Space:
30hr Training in Spiritual Facilitation

January 23 - 28, 2020

~ Yoga Alliance Certified course with Julia Randall, CJ Ananda & Coby Hadas ~

Location: Casa Cobananda, Tzununa, Guatemala


“Although you appear in earthly form, your presence is pure consciousness. You are the fearless guardian of Divine Light”



Looking to take the next step towards holding your own ceremonies, retreats or transformational workshops? Ready to fine tune your space-holding skills to support deep work in your students? “Sacred Space” a 30hr Training in Spiritual Facilitation with Kula Collective founders Ananda, Coby and Jiya is a chance to work with three experienced space holders to learn the tools you need to know to master the fine art of ceremonial and transformational facilitation.

In the lush valley of Tzununa on the shores of one of the most energetically powerful places in the world, Lake Atitlan, we will come together to study and experience what it means to hold a safe and potent container for spiritual work.

Cultivating sacred space is an art, one that takes constant awareness and management of multiple inputs and energies. Building a toolbox of skills and offerings alongside an understanding of how to work with a wide range of possible situations will prepare you to draw out the threads you are looking for, ultimately building confidence and power in your work.


In this 6 day, 30hr Yoga Alliance-certified training we will explore the meaning, context and structure of sacred space, including; how to navigate the many facets of facilitating a supportive environment; the creation and maintenance of strong energetic boundaries; the nuances and skills of holding ceremony in multiple forms; techniques for deepening self study and integrating meaningful change; tools for cleansing and clearing; building resilience and adaptation ability as a facilitator; and the underlying art of opening yourself to the flow and being a channel for spirit. Throughout the training you will receive multiple opportunities for experimentation and feedback amongst a group of like-minded and supportive peers, as well as receiving your own experience of a ceremonial sweat and full moon fire ceremony as offered by your skilled facilitators.

Join us to awaken the power of your spirit while living in a conscious eco-friendly community space tucked in the majestic mountains of incredible Lake Atitlan. Stand strong in your sovereignty and stay explorative in your collaboration, as you build trust in yourself as a facilitator. Learn the mastery of listening and observation as you co-create with Spirit. Step into your power as the master of ceremony that you are.

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Highlights of the 30hr Sacred Space Holding Training;

  • Learn with experienced facilitators Ananda, Coby and Jiya and receive your own powerful transformational experience

  • Learn how to set up, maintain and close a safe energetic container

  • Practice daily yoga and meditation overlooking the magnificent volcanoes of Lake Atitlan

  • Experience the power of traditional sauna and full moon fire ceremony

  • Acquire multiple tools and techniques for creating a supportive environment

  • Understand pre- and post-event management for a thorough and deep experience

  • Learn the key factors in building group strength and stability, including the use of intentions, sharing and one-on-one transformational work

  • Facilitate and receive feedback on your own group facilitation and ceremony as you build the skills and confidence to do it yourself!

  • Thrive in the simple, eco-friendly, nourishing environment of Casa Cobananda

What you’ll love about Casa Cobananda…

Casa Cobananda is the Guatemalan home of Coby and Ananda, two of our Kula Collective co-founders. It is an eco-friendly and nourishing space, filled with all the comforts of home, including healing herbs, tropical fruits, loving animals and warm smiles. Casa Cobananda is located in Tzununa, in the western highlands of Guatemala, with stunning views of the serene Lake Atitlan and her volcanoes seen through banana palms, avocado trees and lush green coffee forests.

This grounding retreat space offers delicious vegetarian meals, daily yoga and meditation, a large temazcal sauna, beautiful lake-view teakwood yoga platform and flower-strewn ceremony and community areas as well as comfortable shared accommodation and glamping options. Enjoy the stillness and beauty of the mountains supporting you in your process as you relax into the embrace of heart-centered community.

Typical Daily Schedule:

7-8.30 AM Morning Practice overlooking the lake and volcanos

8.30 - 10.00 AM Nourishing Guatemalan breakfast

10-12.30 PM Morning session and assessment

12.30 - 3 PM Free time to rest, study and explore

3 - 6 PM Afternoon session and assessment

6 - 7 PM Dinner

7 - 8 PM Ceremony and gathering

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About your Facilitators…

CJ Ananda

Ananda facilitates 200 hour and 300 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings, Shamanic Cleanses and Transformational Retreats giving each person the heartfelt attention and direct facilitation that cultivates ecstatic, healing and magical experiences. As a teacher, she sees each of her classes as an opportunity to hold sacred ceremonial space.

Integrating her teachings and passions, Ananda has developed a system of intentional-based healing that draws on the philosophy that we are all a part of a collective life force that is driving us towards greater consciousness. By exploring our gifts and expanding our relationship with higher Self, we come into alignment with our inner purpose of Awakening. Through our collaborative efforts and unified intentions, we magnify the richness of this life's experience. 

She believes in the Hopi saying: “We are the ones that we’ve been waiting for.” Based on this belief, she trusts that we are each here to expand into the greatness of who we are and who we came here to be. She believes that as we more deeply connect to our inner essence, our Spirit Guides and our callings, we connect to the wholeness of All That Is. And it is from this place of truth, that we can serve all beings from our highest capacity. She is inspired to inspire... and to continue this journey moment to moment, breath to breath.

Coby Hadas

Coby spent many years in Latin America reconnecting with the Earth, a connection often severed in modern suburbia. He sailed the Caribbean, learning just how deeply one can relax. He led groups of teenagers through dozens of countries and across five different continents. He spent much time in India where he lived 'Baba Life', renouncing material comforts and exploring the boundaries of meditation.

But between each chapter of his story, he would always return to his Shamanic teacher in Peru for study and guidance. Coby’s deep rooted interest in Shamanism found its perfect complement when he married Yogini, CJ Ananda. Their combined passion is to find harmony in the combination of these two ancient healing traditions. 

Together, Coby and Ananda founded Pura Vidya, whose mission is two fold... to make the ancient traditions of Yoga and Shamanism better understood and more accessible to the West. and to teach cleansing techniques in order to quiet the mind and deepen meditation, for by quieting the mind we will live in harmony with our soul's purpose. www.puravidya.com 

Julia Randall

Jiya is one of the founders of international yoga school and retreats organization Kula Collective and a guide for empowered and conscious living.

Jiya is a deeply connected leader who roots her teaching in the healing energy of nature.  Her teaching invites students to explore their own, unique unfolding, through profound awareness and trust in the wisdom of the Self.  Through her studies with teachers and shamans across the world, Julia has developed a powerful sense of energetic connection and a strong set of philosophical and intuitive teachings, which she shares through creative hatha and yin yoga, sacred fire and medicine ceremonies, kirtan and healing therapies.  Jiya is also a talented musician and sound healer, who seeks out native chants and medicine songs from around the world to complement her work.

Jiya is YA-certified at the ERYT-300 level and has facilitated both intensive and module-format teacher trainings at RYT-200 and RYT-300 levels for several years, through multiple schools.  Following her degree in Physics at Imperial College, London, Julia worked as an Energy Consultant and part time copywriter and editor in London, UK, before moving to Central America in 2009 to pursue a life centered on yoga and holistic health.  British by birth, Jiya is now based in Bali and teaches in Thailand, Australia, Mexico, Greece, USA, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Peru.


$750 - all inclusive

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