How Kula Began ... 

The Kula Collective birthed itself one fine day in a small, highland village of Guatemala. the seed of an idea among A group of friends and colleagues, a seed that, once planted, grew with a fierce desire to be alive and be known.

Through the combined passions of a close family of facilitators and changemakers, arose a collective intention - to ignite a global spiritual awakening through a thriving collective community, founded in integrity, sustainability and freedom. From humble roots has grown a worldwide family, with trainings, retreats, ceremonies and community events held all over the globe.

Paying such careful attention to our underlying vision has ensured that the growth of our organization mirrors the authenticity of its roots. From such grounded beginnings comes a innovative organization, a conscious business with a horizontal leadership structure and collective accountability to its spiritual foundation. We weave together diverse holistic experiences and educational offerings using a common thread that respects ancestral traditions.

We offer Yoga Alliance certified trainings at the RYT-200 and RYT-300 hour level, as well as YA-certified Continuing Education courses and Transformational Retreats through many different paths. All of our offerings are drawn together with the intention of spiritual growth, through a deeper connection to nature, a more open connection with ourselves, and through the ancient wisdom that comes through our traditions and the land itself.  

From permaculture to yogacreativity to cleansingmusic to massage; we provide space for self-discovery, transformation and reconnection to the wisdom within all.


Kula, in Sanskrit, means home, tribe or community, and comes from the idea that all of the diversity of creation in the universe is in relationship and is connected. It is with this understanding that Kula is a co-created, co-owned and co-governed community that thinks creatively, communicates respectfully, decides unanimously, and acts with integrity.  

We are a community that thinks creatively, communicates respectfully, decides unanimously, and acts with integrity. We cultivate a holistic approach supported by a conscious, regenerative business model, with a unique offerings that include ongoing transformational support, world-class facilitation, sacred ceremony and dedication to service through our Kula Karma program. Our programs are offered at powerful sacred locations across the world, including Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Bali, Tennessee, Belize and Peru.

Kula Collective is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School (RYS) - all our Teacher Training and Continuing Education graduates are able to register with Yoga Alliance. Check out our offerings... and become part of our worldwide tribe, sharing the wisdom of yoga and igniting change for a new, more connected world.