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For the past 3 years we have toured around the U.S. in our camper van sharing life-changing Cacao ceremonies, yoga classes and sound healings.

In these ceremonies we explore the fusion of the ancient internal practices of Yoga and Shamanism. Yoga (union with the Divine) and Shamanism (interaction with the spirit world) both are practices traditionally designed to lead us to the direct flow of wisdom. We begin the class with a cup of Sacred Cacao to connect us to Spirit and to help expand our Heart Chakra. We then use the ancient teachings of the Medicine Wheel to provide an anchor for this intense and transformational practice. Our experience will be deepened by the constant thread of Sacred Sounds and Icaros (Medicine Songs) performed live while we flow.

Energetically guided by the cycles and winds of the four directions, we will embody the spirits of the Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird and Eagle. As we become each of these spirit animals, we will learn valuable lessons that will allow us to reveal our passions, to shift perceptions and to dream our world into being. You will leave the practice feeling spiritually cleansed, emotionally empowered and expansive....ready to live life the life that wants to live in you! Now is the time to reveal yourself to yourself.

As the Hopi Elders stated: “We are the ones that we’ve been waiting for.”

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What is a cacao ceremony?

A ceremonial dose of 100% pure ceremonial grade cacao (1.5 oz) is served in the form of a warm drink. This heart opening elixir can facilitate a pleasant, perhaps blissful state where participants can journey deeper into personal and collective healing. Ceremonies may include sound healing, meditation, drumming, song, conscious art making, connection, sharing, dance, journeying and asana. This ancient medicine helps connect participants with their inner guide while it may increase clarity, focus, creativity and an overall sense of wellbeing. 

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Let’s work together...

If you are interested in hosting a ceremony at your space please contact us at admin@thekulacollective.com with the subject line: CACAO TOUR

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