Cheralee Jones

Cheralee Jones is a traveling yogini, musician, and nature lover. She discovered the path of Yoga when she moved to the magical island of Maui, Hawaii in 2007. Soon after Cher left to spend a year in India to connect with the birthplace of her life's work.

Cheralee Jones Kula Collective

Cher's speciality is bringing people together in ceremony to connect, sing, dance, heal and release. She believes breath is the main focus of yoga practice and she is passionate about utilizing yoga as a therapy for the body and mind.

Cher has found that precise alignment in asana can heal many "problems" in the body structure, and can create a bridge to align thoughts, words, and actions. Cher shares her artistic creativity and her passion for movement and music in her yoga classes. She believes every aspect of daily life is sacred. 

Cheralee has traveled around the world and studied with great teachers from various yogic lineages. Some of her greatest influences include Mark Whitwell, Eddie Modestini, Nicki Doane, Shiva Rea, Arya ji, Ted Surman, Dr. Ringo, and of course: Nature. She learns daily by witnessing the rhythms of nature at work.

Cheralee's mission is now to share her experiences, "I believe Yoga is a path which helps us return to our natural state: Union [bliss]. It is my calling in this life to share my interpretation of these teachings, which have radically transformed my life."

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