welcome to your yoga teacher training in bali!! 

Venue Contact Info:

Training Site 1: Batu Karu

Facebook Page:

Whatsapp:  +62 812-3932-8056

Training Site 2: Kura Kura

Facebook Page:



Water: We will provide fresh and clean drinking water during our time together.   

Laundry: Laundry can be done at a small additional fee.

Internet: Access to internet and Skype is not available on site. We highly encourage you to disconnect to reconnect! Please be prepared to only check your email/networks on occasion.

Flight Recommendations:

Plan to arrive into Bali Denpasar (code DPS) International airport before or by the morning of your training start date. We will send details for transportation to the retreat center in our 30 day email. We will have an optional yoga class around 4pm that day, followed by dinner, and our opening Ceremony.  If you are traveling a long distance and changing time zones or days, we recommend arriving even earlier to give yourself time to adjust and get settled. Please be sure you arrange your flight to fly out the the late afternoon so you don't have to leave us early! We will send more information about travel options to/from the locations and can help you arrange.

Booking Extra Days:

Please contact (the venue) for information about arriving early and staying later if desired.

What to Bring/ Packing List:

  • Lightweight loose clothing (long sleeves and pants recommended for bugs and to protect you from the sun)

  • One white outfit

  • Bathing suit

  • Yoga mat (Yoga mats are provided but it is recommended to bring your own)

  • Head torch

  • Natural bug repellent and natural sunscreen

  • Hat

  • Hiking shoes & Flip flops/sandals

  • Thermos or thermal mug

  • Biodegradable body products (bug repellent & sunscreen), natural washing detergent

  • Required texts (above)

  • Notebook & writing materials

  • Activated charcoal

  • Cloth bag

  • Arnica & tea tree oil

  • Tongue scraper

  • Water bottle

  • Your passport and passport copy

Please also bring a journal and any creative tools that enable you to express yourself such as musical instruments, painting/drawing materials, etc.. You also may want to consider taking and bringing Probiotics to prime your digestive flora with some probiotics before you leave for Bali and tuck some away in your luggage to have with you while you travel.

Immigration and visas:

Visa requirements are different for various countries. Please search the internet for the closest Indonesian consulate for the visa requirements for your country of origin. Many countries (including the US) have free visa entry into Indonesia for a 30 day stay.  Your 30 day Indonesian Tourist Visa will be given to you at immigration once you've arrived in Bali. If you are planning to stay longer than 30 days, you may purchase a tourist visa upon entering Bali at the airport for $35. This only means you are eligible for an extension. If you do not purchase this extension option at the airport, then you may not extend your visa beyond 30 days. If you choose to extend, you must do so in Denpasar. This is possible, yet it is an all-day process and can only be done during off-days.

You may also acquire the 60 day visa at an embassy an Indonesian embassy in your country. This needs to be done prior to your travel. A third option for staying over 30 days is to take a quick flight to Singapore or another country nearby that will reset your visa for another automatic 30 days. If you are flying Delta Airlines and planning to stay over 30 days we recommend you purchase a flight or apply for a 60day visa pre-travel, as Delta has been known to not allow those staying longer than 30 days without a visa on the flight. Please email Jessi with any questions about visas.


No inoculations are required to enter Bali but it is always best to talk to your doctor and check out the Center for Disease Control website for information about recommended vaccinations.


The Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) is the local currency, commonly also abbreviated to Rp.

1 USD = 13,326.00 IDR

1 AUD = 10,253.37 IDR

1 CAD = 10,739.18 IDR

If you have any additional questions - feel free to contact us