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50 HR Kula Facilitation Intensive

Seven Springs

Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

June 29th - July 4th, 2019


Quality Facilitators for Quality Offerings

Immerse Yourself in Creative Facilitation 

At Kula Collective we believe in You. We’d like to support your growth into an even more creative and effective facilitator. This is why we are inviting you to join us for this intensive hands on experience that will re-inspire your leadership and re-kindle your confidence. Come learn to learn, and practice facilitating others to do the same.

  • You have unique gifts to share with the world.

  • You are committed to other people’s learning, leading classes, workshops, retreats, trainings and mentorships.

  • You want to expand your toolkit to support diverse learning styles.

  • You want to hold space for your students as they learn and grow.

To do this, the Kula Facilitation offers you the opportunity to experience new tools and methodologies with:

  • Support by a collaborative community of peers, dedicated to each other’s development as facilitators.

  • Opportunity to practice and receive timely feedforward in a safe and constructive space.

  • Experience trying out new kinds of planning and incorporate new activities without fear of failure.

  • Consistent guidance and support to grow out of your Comfort Zone, and guide others into the Learning Zone without entering the Panic Zone.


At Kula Collective, we understand how overwhelming it can be to design learning experiences, which is why we created this Facilitation Intensive. We believe that by providing better learning opportunities in all areas we can unlock our collective potential and solve all the challenges humanity is facing. No matter what topic you are facilitating you can improve your students’ learning through guided practice in a community of compassionate peers.

Meet your Facilitators…

jessi luna, kula collective

Jessi Luna

Since a young age, Jessi has studied dance and creative movement. Yoga found Jessi seven years ago, and since her first RYT200 Teacher Training in 2008, Jessi has led retreats and workshops throughout the States, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Costa Rica. She completed her RYT500 Certification in 2012 and now leads teacher trainings in these places she most enjoys to share! 

Jessi teaches a Vinyasa based practice to combine elements of dance and natural movement with traditional yogic sequencing. She incorporates attention to rhythm of the breath, and allows for organic movement to flow in each pose. She is grateful for the journey of yogic creativity and loves to share this movement of bliss with others along the way. 

zachary towne smith, bio

Zachary Towne-Smith

Zach (RYT 200hr) is a passionate connector. His innate creativity, flexible perspective and quick smile make him a natural leader, inspiring participation and thoughtful consensus in the wide array of groups he works with. he has dedicated his life to the study and development of intercultural relations and the facilitation of innovative solutions for sustainable well-being. 

His Cum Laude B.A. from Harvard College led him to explore issues of privilege and work for justice from his hometown of Philadelphia to the Guatemala City garbage dump. This work has taken him throughout the Americas engaging diverse stakeholders in strategic planning through the development of creative and critical thinking in fields such as education, public health, business, creative industries, and entrepreneurship. 



We spend the mornings learning about learning through games and discussions, practicing new tools and methods that we get to try out in the afternoons. Every day after lunch each person will facilitate a 20-30 minute lesson on a subject of their choice. The rest of the group participates in the class and gives feedforward after each practicum. 

This intensive learning experience will help you to:

  • Effectively share your gifts with your students

  • Fast forward your development as a facilitator

  • Design effective classes, retreats, workshops, trainings, mentorships, etc.

  • Consistently improve by using insightful evaluation tools

  • Incorporate participative methodologies to support active learning

  • Give and receive the gift of feedforward

  • Understand the stages of group development and design your facilitation accordingly

  • Balance the facilitation plan with your own needs and those of the group

  • Intentionally build trust and model compassionate communication

  • Proactively navigate cultural differences

  • Understand and channel conflict toward creative consent

  • Identify FourSight preferences in yourself and others to build diverse and productive teams

Release the doubt that’s holding you back from reaching your full potential!

As your students spread the word about your facilitation skills, it will become much easier to fill your offerings. Empower yourself to share powerful and ever better learning experiences with a broad audience. We build the world we dream of first within ourselves, then one student at a time.




$1475 - all inclusive

*$500 off for Kula Alums!


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