"This trip was definitely a life changer and I would highly recommend it to anybody looking to enhance their knowledge mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Thank you, thank you, thank you, With so much love,"

- Jake Ferree, YTT Graduate

Jake Ferree.jpg

"Cracked my heart wide open!"

- Mikaela Hardwick, YTT Graduate


"This experience rocked me to the core and left me knowing who I really am." 

- Hristina Georgieva, YTT Graduate

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"The wisdom that was imparted intertwining the shamanic practices of the Americas with the traditional Yogic practices of the East was fascinating and created a holistic way for us to move spiritually forward into our new connected Earth."


- Gaia Hope Good, YTT Graduate


"Whenever you have a teacher that has the practical knowledge, combined with passion for the subject, you end up having happy, well taught students!"

- Seth Martiniuk, YTT Graduate

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"The program offered me space to discover who I truly am, to feel safe and protected while exploring sides of me I was unsure of." 

- Hana Pepin, YTT 300 Graduate