Sach'a Munay, Sacred Valley

Sach'a Munay, which translates as "love from the ancient forest", is nestled in an oasis of native plants and fruit trees and is nourished by a magnificent waterfall. It is a place to connect to the incredible depth and beauty of what nature offers.

The Sacred Valley of Peru, where the center is located, is a lovely spot in the Andes Mountains and home of the twelve mountains known as "apus" -- "luminous beings" who are said to intercede on behalf of people. Staying at this site, we have the opportunity to commune directly with these mountains, as well as with the local curanderos and pacos (healers), who engage with us for ritual and ceremony. 
Sach’a Munay's accommodations are beautiful shared bungalows surrounded by lush gardens. Each guest room is a reflection of the Peruvian culture of the Sacred Valley. We are served delicious meals with locally-grown and lovingly prepared ingredients. The experience of Sach'a Munay is a mix of Andean culture, Peruvian roots, and natural elegance.

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Sach'a Munay, Vallé Sacrée

Sach'a Munay, qui se traduit par "l'amour de l'ancienne forêt", est un centre de retraite de yoga niché dans une oasis de plantes indigènes et d'arbres fruitiers, tout près d’une magnifique cascade. Les hébergements sont entourés de jardins de fleurs, dans lesquels chaque chambre reflète la culture péruvienne et ses couleurs.

Chaque jour, vous dégusterez de délicieux repas, cuisinés avec des ingrédients locaux et beaucoup d’amour. L'expérience de Sach'a Munay est un mélange de culture andine, de racines péruviennes et d'élégance naturelle. Un endroit vibrant pour se connecter à l'incroyable profondeur et à la beauté de la nature. 

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