Stevie Goggans

Stevie, E-RYT 500hr is a lover of sunshine, music, joyful expression, exploring the world, and sharing in yoga/union.

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She has been teaching yoga around the world for 6 years, leading teacher trainings in her hometown and all over the globe with Kula Collective. She knows she is divinely guided and this soul work of helping others to peel back the veils, uncover their truth, and stand in their own light is her part of her Dharma. Stevie shares from a place of relatability, authenticity, silliness and joy. She believes we are here to enjoy our precious lives and help others to do the same.

Yoga has been life changing for Stevie in the realest sense. After struggling for many years, she finally found peace in her own body and mind and heart through the practice of Yoga Asana and other yogic practices such as meditation and mantra. She has learned the meaning of Grace which appears every time she pushes through a veil and remembers her True Self, which is Love. Yoga helped her find connection, love and truth in her own heart. Her passion now is sharing these gifts of yoga asana, meditation, ceremony, creativity, dance, joy, laughter, etc.. with anyone and everyone! She is deeply honored to get to walk this path and do this work and remembers that we are all “just walking each other home”- Ram Dass.

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