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Introduction to Kula: 


Take a tour of our sacred sites that we teach in all around the world!

What is the Kula Collective? Learn more about us here.


Why Choose Kula?

Why you should take a 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training with KulA!


For the Karma Day in our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, we collaborated with the foundation funded by our room and board, Lagu Damai, and their long-term community partner Suastawa Consulting.

Learn about How Kula Gives Back to the Community!


Meet the Kula Co-Founders:


Meet Randi!

Meet Jiya!

Meet Hayley!


Teachings from Kula: 

Kula Co-founder, Zachary Towne-Smith, has been working over the past 15 years to create a design process that guides people through the discovery and expression of their own unique flow. Watch his series of videos on our Youtube Channel.


CJ Ananda shares a brief talk about Chakras.

Randi teaching a beautiful Tai Chi sequence. 


Jaya & Saraswati share wisdom on the Kula Collective live Satsang event about the power of sound, song and vibration, and how they can bring profound awareness to expression and stillness within.


Teaching through song from Jayanada & Saraswati.

Learn about Thai Massage with Randi


Randi Schiffman facilitating transformation and healing through embodied movement!


Flowing with Kula:

Kula Basic Flow with Jiya Randall.


CJ Ananda flowing in mexico.

Time-Lapse Yoga with Randi.

Flowing at the Yoga Forest. 


Do a Prenatal Flow with Jessi Luna!

Read more here about jessi’s view on Prenatal SI Joint symptoms and exercises.