Some of our videos, some from our friends... enjoy!

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Introduction to Kula: 


Yoga Teacher Training at the Yoga Forest

Teachings from Kula: 

Randi teaching a beautiful Tai Chi sequence. 


CJ Ananda shares a brief talk about Chakras.


Learn about Thai Massage with Randi


Teaching through song from Jayanada & Saraswati.

Flowing with Kula:

CJ Ananda flowing through the signature kula flow. 


Time-Lapse Yoga with Randi.


Flowing at the Yoga Forest. 

Yoga Inspiration from our Friends: 

Lacey and Darin, flowing through some partner yoga moves.


Therese leading us in a Sacred Warrior Flow. 


Gorgeous Yoga Video by Equinox!


AMAZING Video about a neuroscientist experiencing a massive stroke. Must watch! 


So cute.