300 Hour YTT Syllabus

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The 300 hour Kula Collective training strategically builds upon the 200-hour Kula curriculum, but is also a good fit for those who have completed a non-Kula 200-hour program or those who have a good deal of experience teaching and/or holding sacred space.

At the 200-hour level, our focus as Kula facilitators is to guide students to understand how to teach a safe and effective yoga class. Students are given the foundation for teaching yoga asana, pranayama and meditation, as well as the principles for understanding the application of topics such as anatomy, Ayurveda, yogic cleansing and yoga philosophy.

At the 300-hour level, the Kula facilitators guide students into a deeper understanding of the essence of who they are as yoga teachers. Students are given opportunities to expand their teaching by incorporating themes and spiritual intentions that speak to their deeper message as a yoga teacher and their greater purpose as a healing practitioner on this planet. 

A safe container is created for self-exploration that encourages students to step beyond their previous ways of teaching and engage in a practice that expresses their authenticity and passions in service to the whole. The 300-hour curriculum is designed to move students from the level of “teaching a yoga class” to the level of “guiding an inspirational experience.”

Course Flow

We honor the guidance and intuition that brought you here

and the trust and dedication that is evidenced by your presence.

The Kula Collective 300-hour training is a transformational journey to your highest self, to understand your true essence as a teacher, healer and a part of All That Is. This course provides tools to deepen your practice and sharpen your spirit, cleansing away that which no longer serves and creating space to manifest that which does. This is a self-purification to connect with the deep, intuitive and creative part of yourself, inspiring you to step onto your mat as a teacher from your most aligned and luminous state of being.

We bow to the inner guru that know what calls you,

and give thanks to the wisdom that is yet to be revealed.

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Daily Flow

The Kula Collective RYT-300 takes place over 30 days and is divided into 3 cycles of 9 days. as we rise through the 3 ‘worlds’ of learning through the symbolism of the Andean Chakana. Our classes are held in beautiful and inspiring spaces, and are led with an open and informative guidance that encourages interaction and group participation. We spend the day communicating from the heart, discovering new parts of ourselves and the world, releasing the Guru within.

The Chakana provides the backbone of our experience, alongside the Yogic and Quechua Chakra System, which lead us through the Lower, Middle, and Upper Worlds of study and self-discovery in the three Cycles of the program. Each Cycle progresses on the last, leading us through a medicine cycle of learning and healing. We take the tenth day of the Cycle off to rest. Two days in each Cycle are half-days of self-sadhana (spiritual practice).  We meet on alternate evenings for Satsang to ‘communicate truth’ through traditional Indian gathering, sacred sharing circle, and ceremony. We honor each cycle through intention and related practices.

Each of our days will flow through the Four Arts, as detailed below. We start our mornings with our Art of Practice, exploring various forms of yoga, pranayama and meditation; followed by the Art of Living, where we initiate comprehensive discussions on yogic philosophy, ancient wisdoms and mystical teachings. In the afternoon, we refine of our Practice through interactive workshops that break down the Art of Teaching. We end our afternoon with the Art of Healing, focusing on Ayurveda, energetic healing and shamanic healing and a group meditation. The order may vary occasionally, but the idea is to have a well-rounded flow to our days and to feel the interconnectedness of the Arts by experiencing each one of them as a part of the whole… the Art of Yoga.

Interspersed throughout the days and evenings, we create sacred space for sharing and celebrate our connection through Bhakti Yoga - the yoga of devotion, in the form of traditional Indian Kirtan and sacred medicine songs from around the world. We follow the yogic, vegetarian diet, which purifies our practice from the inside out, eating our meals with the same reverence and mindfulness that we apply to each step. We meditate as we breathe, bend, dance and laugh our way through our experience. We allow our practice to be a ceremony, each time. We live this practice. And in doing so we do not just share Yoga, We Embody Yoga.

Chakana as a foundational flow for the YTT course:

Chakana Flow

Cycle 1
Cycle 2
Cycle 3
Lower World (Ukhu Pacha) Middle World (Kay Pacha) Upper World (Hanaq Pacha)
Spirit Animal
Serpent (Amaru) Puma (Pumaq) and Jaguar (Otorongo) Condor (Kuntur) and Eagle (Apuchin)
Huascar Quetzalcóatl Pachacuti Inca
Mother Earth Four Winds Father Sky
Explore Empower Expand

The Four Arts

We encourage and teach a holistic approach to yoga with a foundation in the traditional four paths, infused with shamanic wisdom and practices that help connect us with the natural world and her elements. Our passion is to bring these ancient teachings alive and help our students apply them to modern day living.

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Art of Practice:

It is through the experience of yoga that we understand the infinite nature of our being; where we reach beyond the boundaries of our individual lives and individual experience and touch the unity that is Yoga.  

The Kula Collective 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training places emphasis on the experiential face of yoga by living our practice as a group. Each morning we wake in silence to meditate as the sun rises, flowing into our internal experience of pranayama and yoga. As we continue to expand through our teaching, we creatively work with the flow of our practice and feel what it is to open up our boundaries, deepening personal practice through Meditation, Pranayama and Asana. We verify through embodiment, to reveal the wisdom within.

Outside of the Shala we follow the yogic, vegetarian diet, which purifies our practice from the inside out. We eat our meals with reverence and we open and close our space with Om, the Universal Sound. We find meditation in all that we do not just on that mat. We understand this is a practice that cannot be mastered, but only practiced and find presence in that experience as it unfolds for us.

Art of Teaching:

Sharing yoga is an process of intimacy; one that asks for deep movement within both giver and receiver, through love, authenticity, attention and connection. There are many ways in which yoga can be shared. Here at Kula Collective we believe that the fundamental principle that links all of our yoga teaching is Connection; the concept that in order to truly help another being to find oneness, we must ourselves be a channel to that oneness.

As sharers of yoga, we must eventually be able to abandon ourselves to the infinite creative flow that comes through us. This of course, takes time, patience and a lot of learning. The question is, how do we become comfortable enough with ourselves and with what we are sharing to be able to fully let go to this connection as we are teaching? One way is to ensure we have a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding to give us the tools we need for our Art to be boundaryless.

At our RYT-300 level training, our focus is on taking you to the next level of your teaching by diving deep into correct alignment, muscular engagement, breathing, and energetic awareness. We will share with you a variety of therapeutic asana practices and workshops that will provide building blocks for creating and sharing your own sequences. Students in your class will benefit from our extra focus on anatomical alignment within asana, as well as our step-by-step guide to physical and energetic thai massage-based adjustments.

When we share yoga we are sharing an experience that is largely personal and internal, so it’s important to us that all our participants understand what it is to hold sacred space, how to empower through our communication, and how to allow space for all experiences to unfold within the safe, energetic container you create. We explore the ways in which you can tailor your practice for someone who is injured, imbalanced or pregnant, and we help you to find your creative essence as you build your own sequences, explore themes and reveal the wise teacher within.

Our intention is to provide you with a wide range of tools and feedback to give you the confidence you need to creatively expand. We support you as you refine your own offerings into something new and deeply personal to you, and step into the empowered self that you are.

Art of Living:

How can I live better, slower, with more authenticity? Why do we do what we do? What are the thoughts that I think? How much more deeply can we inhabit our experience? And, underneath all of the thoughts and questions and memories, Who Am I?

Philosophers through the ages have speculated on the big questions, and Yoga is just one of infinite pathways to the truth. If you have come to Yoga, chances are you will have asked yourself these questions. As we come together in our group training, we explore these and many more, through examining both our own understanding of the Art of Living and that of the ancient sages.  

Through study of the Yoga Sutras, modern yoga’s foundational text, as well as the Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, and many other complementary topics such as Buddhism, Tantra, Darshana and mystical poetry, we better come to understand the true nature of the self and our place in the world. Through our discussion as a group, we together uncover what it is to make an art out of living. How can we share our Yoga with the world? Through living it, of course.

Art of Healing:

As a holistic Yoga Teacher, we are not simply sharing a physical practice to keep people fit - we are sharing a lifestyle practice that helps people to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. Through sharing yoga in this way, we allow ourselves as a whole to connect to our true nature as spiritual beings. As yoga teachers and practitioners we know what it means to ‘hold space’, and as we deepen our art we have the potential to evolve this into a true yoga experience, a ceremony, a surrender to a higher power. Through embodying our understanding of the subtleties of the body and how it interacts with the mind through energy, we share our yoga in a way that truly can heal, from the inside out.  

The Kula Yoga Collective 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training gives the opportunity for deep self-healing through personal discovery practices, group exercises, intentional discussion and Sacred Ceremony. Our training also offers a wide selection of teachings on complementary health practices, including but not limited to: Ayurveda, nutrition, massage, Thai massage, energetic healing, Tai Chi, Chakra cleansing, herbal healing, and the Yogic diet, kundalini, advanced healing meditation and shamanic journeying, cleansing, plant spirit medicine, sacred sound ceremony, energy healing, tai chi and yoga nidra.

As Yoga Teachers we are living examples of unity - of true, whole vitality. Through experiencing the transformation first hand we are better able to share it with others. Through clearing away the parts of us that are no longer in alignment with our true nature, we create space for the truth to be channelled through us. Thus, the Art of Healing component of our curriculum contains many personal practices to dive deep into our own healing. Understanding the subtle world in this way allows us to reveal our wisest Self, and to unveil our true calling as healing practitioners and as sharers of an ancient wellness practice.

Thank you for trusting and joining us as we live and practice with a supportive and loving community helping each other let go and flow into life.

We are the ones we have been waiting for” - Hopi Elders