Falling Star.

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Marvelous Work

Sometimes out here,

the stars are so close

that I have to

duck my head

as I reach out

to pat them

on the shoulder, 

commending them,

for all 

of their



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Falling Star 

There is no turning back 

for a falling star.


just look

at what beauty 

catches our breath





as something




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A Child Sees

Who saw the medicine in the leaf?


We could wonder the origin or we could

make tea and drink its remedy—

for this forgetfulness.


When the door of wisdom is opened

there is no need to scramble

for the right information

or confirmation.


Learning takes on a new life.


She said to me:

You must release the old ways

to embrace as a child sees.

About Jayananda:


Certified ERYT-500 studying in depth in India traditional Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Satyananda and Sivanada styles of Yoga to bring about an approach based in tradition yet modern in it’s understanding. From the Philosophies of the scriptures to neuroscience and transpersonal therapy we find just how our practice rooted in this quality of meditation will transform our life.

A published author of three works of poetry Jayā’s words have been celebrated as joyful reminders of the path we walk.

Check out one of his poetry books here, and stay tuned for his upcoming poetry book entitled: "Garden of the Stars - Poems from the Play of Life".