Om Mani Padme Hum

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The jewel in the lotus flower inside a crystal held in your hand. Can you feel it breathing?

Life begins and then you were born. You have family. You have friends. You have a partner who adores you, children that love you, a community that supports you. You have a home with a garden and a view. Everything that you ever hoped would happen has come true. You breathe and the Earth breathes you.

You grow old and rich with wisdom. Breathing. Rocking. Being.

You return to the Earth from which you came. All of your experiences and all of your love is buried with you.

Your children grow strong, old and wise and they too dissolve into dust just like you. A hundred generations of your love melt into the soil of our great mother. The trees grow strong, nurtured by our body’s final offering. Yet even the trees grow old and return to the Earth from which they grew.

For timeless time the cycle of life continues with each generation building upon the experiences of their ancestors. Yet through the blur of motion caused by the rapid cycle of life there is a pervasive stillness framing the great opera house of existence. An entity sits quietly and observes, growing stronger and wiser with each passing generation. Looking down upon us with stoic faces are the guardians of the land, the wisdom keepers of our planet. They are easy to miss, but are a treasure box of answers to universal mysteries yet to be understood. They sit patiently, learning, loving, being, and breathing. They are our time keepers… our portals to wisdom learned long before you and me. I speak, of course, of the geodes, the crystals, the rocks and stones too.

And just as they receive our love, they transmit their wisdom, but only to those who know how to listen. They whisper tales of that which is noble and true. The whole universe in a crystal in your hand. Love it as it loves you and you will find that you are the jewel in the lotus flower and the flower and the crystal too.

coby hadas, blog post

Coby’s deep rooted interest in Shamanism found its perfect complement when he married Yogini, CJ Ananda. Their combined passion is to find harmony in the combination of these two ancient healing traditions. 

Together, Coby and Ananda founded Pura Vidya, whose mission is two fold... to make the ancient traditions of Yoga and Shamanism better understood and more accessible to the West. and to teach cleansing techniques in order to quiet the mind and deepen meditation, for by quieting the mind we will live in harmony with our soul's purpose.