Wild Feminine: A Sanctuary for Rewilding

After a time…the next stage of coming back to oneself begins: acceptance of one’s own unique beauty, that is, the wild soul which we are made.
— Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Finding One’s Pack: Belonging as Blessing, 
Women Who Run With the Wolves
a sanctuary for rewilding, kula collective blog post

Reflecting back on the five days I spent on Lake Atitlan for Glo’s and Grace’s Wild Feminine Retreat, the word that comes up for me is rewilding. Maybe it was all our singing, chanting, and howling. Or maybe it was the group poem that we co-created towards the end of the retreat. Whatever it was, I left the retreat having rediscovered my She-voice, reclaiming my wild essence.

Last November, I took a huge leap and quit my safe, comfortable life in the Bay Area. I left my full-time marketing job and long-term partner, and packed everything I owned in a 5x5 storage unit to embark on an adventurous three-month working tour in Central America. I didn’t know what was missing from my life except that something was most definitely missing.

That was about the time that the Wild Feminine retreat happened, in the midst of all of this movement and chaos in my life… the retreat provided so much clarity and direction for me in the next chapter. With Glo and Grace, I learned that what was missing, first and foremost, was connection with my intuition.

Through Wild Feminine, I found the words to express my experience as a woman who never quite fit in, who never felt understood… mostly because I didn’t understand my whole self yet. Wild Feminine helped me shape and share my story by first truly seeing and loving every part of myself, shadows and all.

I am so grateful to have been part of such an amazing, transformative experience, and I recommend it to any woman looking for that ignition of spirit and soul seeking. I will definitely be at future workshops and retreats and look forward to continuing this work… after all, this is just the beginning.

About Charity

Charity is a poet, facilitator, and founder of Women of Words, a women-identified writers group with its roots in the Bay Area. Learn more about her at www.charityeyoro.com and on Instagram @thepracticeofpackinglight.

Wild Feminine's upcoming retreat: Rhythms of the Jungle Retreat in Belize from June 23- 29. Use the code: KulaStar to receive a discount!