Personal Flow Design 

You may have heard of the idea of "flow." Whether its a state we can move in and out of, or something we naturally inhabit if only we can be conscious of it, it's become something we seek to achieve in our lives to live better, happier and to our fullest potential. It's quite similar to what the Yoga tradition calls Dharma: when work becomes effortless and fun and your unique impact on the world is fully expressed.

Kula collective co-founder Zachary Towne-Smith has been working over the past 15 years to create a design process that guides people through the discovery and expression of their own unique flow. This process draws from multiple design methodologies including Creative Problem Solving, Design Thinking, Human Centered Design, Productive Thinking, and even the scientific method. At Kula Collective we use this process in many ways. It was the basis of our collective's formation and continues to guide our board's decision making. We use it as a way to help students during YTTs to apply their experiences and tools into a 90-day dharma plan that helps us to assess their learning and to create a joint accountability to continue our relationships and collective visions into the world. And it serves as the basis of our Dharma Grant process, whereby we award partial scholarships to people in need who share a similar vision.

Personal Flow Design Videos