Meet Zachary Towne-Smith!

Zachary Towne-Smith

Hey, I'm Zach, a passionate connector. My innate creativity, flexible perspective, and quick smile makes me a natural leader, inspiring participation and thoughtful consensus in the wide array of groups I work with. I have dedicated my life to the study and development of intercultural relations and the facilitation of innovative solutions for sustainable well-being. 

My Cum Laude B.A. from Harvard College led him to explore issues of privilege and work for justice from my hometown of Philadelphia to the Guatemala City garbage dump. This work has taken me throughout the Americas engaging diverse stakeholders in strategic planning through the development of creative and critical thinking in fields such as education, public health, business, creative industries, and entrepreneurship.

I am passionate about awakening others to discovering their own creative potential. After years of working for social justice within the formal education system, I have shifted my focus to social enterprise. Together with my wife and family, I am creating a permaculture centered retreat center at my home in Tennessee. I see my artistic pursuits as ways to inspire social innovation and embody the change we wish to see in the world!

Watch my TedX talk here. See my full bio here. 

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