Exploration, Learning and Growth.

mercedes salusbury, blog post

Upon completion of the Kula Collective 300 hour advanced teacher training, I have become inspired for self study to now become a part of my daily life. In the niyamas, swadhyaya recommends traditional scripts to improve self study with self reflections as our goal. According to our Kula living and healing manual, we can use these ancient teachings to reflect on our own personal growth by practicing learning in all aspects of our life.

"By devoting ourselves to constant study and self-study, we remain humble students and continue our growth and development as yogis." I will incorporate swadhyaya into my routine/rituals so that I can live out my manifestation: I am devoted to living and sharing yoga. As I continue to learn and grow in my own path, both personally and professionally, I am inspired to enthusiastically share more information and applied teaching, as well as healing techniques, with others. 
My mission is to create a safe space for healing. My message is to inspire exploration, learning and growth. By living in this way, with a strong desire and intention for devoting time to learn and grow more, I hope to heal any parts of myself that need healing and growth. This desire to practice the drive has been inspired by fellow students and teachers. I have a student who first came to my yoga class two years ago out of curiosity. She said she saw photos of people doing yoga and she wanted to try it.

Since then, she has found Ashtanga to be her passion. She is extremely dedicated to her practice and soon will complete her first yoga teacher training. When I see her informational and enthusiastic posts and speak with her I am always inspired, energized and impressed at how much drive and dedication she has for her personal growth. Which has now become professional as she transforms from student to teacher. Leaving her real estate career behind to study and become a yoga teacher.

Through the process of the 300 hour training the facilitators (Ananda, Randi, Saraswati, and Jaya) amplified this desire with their authentic essence and teaching styles. I found them to be very wise in an extremely loving way which was such a joy to experience. This training inspired me to dedicate disciplined time everyday to continue to study and progress on my path. 

I can do this by taking responsibility in making a schedule for myself. This daily schedule will be structured in chunks of time with sessions reflecting our training schedule. These home sessions will be broken down into: practice, living, teaching, and healing. These sessions will vary from one to two hours each per day aiming for a minimum of five to six hours per day, five to six days per week. Additional daily hours will take place while teaching classes and meeting with clients, thus applying what I have studied.

In regard to dharma and the seed of potential, I will create conditions to water the seed by optimizing my time and the environment in which I study in. In order to successfully follow this through, I will need to incorporate the other niyamas and yamas as they will play in. Practicing tapas will help me retrain my choices. For example, instead of sleeping in I will wake up early to meditate and practice. I will choose reading over Netflix in the evening. I will honor ahimsa by giving myself breaks when I need to. 
A huge part of my desire for applying swadhyaya into my life and my own practice is to confidently share more teachings with my students, clients, and karma yoga girls empowerment program group, SerNiña. The knowledge and experience of furthering my studies will be applied to share learning healing practices that my community can benefit from on their own personal journeys. I plan to follow this through by theme weaving fresh and helpful ideas for reflection and focus during classes. As well as honing my intuitive skills when engaged in energy work. Through karma yoga I want to inspire young girls to use these practices to enhance their lives. For them to make connections bringing awareness to all of the beauty and love in life and to find the magic in the mundane.
In conclusion, swadhyaya is now an important component to my daily life because of my desire to learn, grow and share. This training inspired me to inquire and attain much more information of a more rounded yogic lifestyle. I plan to use my resources as tools and support putting them into practice, living, teaching, and healing aspects of my life. I will share what I learn with anyone interested. I am devoted to living and sharing yoga.

By Mercedes Saulsbury
300 RYT Student, Peru 2016