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Kula Grad Series: Inspiration from the Forest.

By: Jess Lace

"Living at the Yoga Forest for the last 25 days has been one of the most incredible and memorable journeys I have ever been on. I didn’t know what to expect coming in to it but since arriving here it has been a truly emotional and magical experience."

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Kula Grad Series: The Relevance of the Niyamas in Modern Yoga.

By: Mary Saunders

“The Yoga Sutras of Patañjali are an ancient text of spiritual enlightenment, and one of the primary texts of yoga philosophy studied by yogis. These texts provide us with wisdom, knowledge, and guidance through yogic theory, methods and practice to reconnect to our true selves and attain liberation.”

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Yoga, Plant Medicine, and the Western Mind.

By: Matty Van Biene

“I believe it is at this confluence of cultures, wisdom, and history, that the western mind, if focused collectively in this way, can bring the ancient to the present, the higher truths to the ground level, integrating this wisdom into our societies and way of life.”

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Kula Grad Series: 300 Hours of Yoga + Turning Inward

By: Sena Shellenberger

“In the training I developed a deeper level of awareness around my thought patterns, belief systems, energy levels and habits. We were in the middle of the jungle with no cell service or wi-fi, and most buildings only had candles for light. I was completely disconnected from social media for most of my experience there, and it allowed me to be much more present and focused on what was happening around and within me. “

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Part 2: From Corporate to Kula.

By: Hana Sykorova ​

“Wow! I was not really a morning person. The thought of this was not appealing. Yet, as I started the program, I felt so energized by the meditation with ocean sound and breeze in the background, as well as the long savasanas after our long yoga practice, I had no issues waking up, or practicing on an empty stomach, which was also scary at first.”

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