I'm Addicted to Yoga.

randi blog post addiction to yoga

I am addicted to Yoga,

To the experience of union

The way my body intelligently moves through space

The way my mind empties all of its contents

To peace



Practice that purifies

Orgasmic experience

The "yoga high"

Breath embodied

Intimate relationship with the universe

Experiencing the microcosm of the macrocosm

Direct experience with life

Elemental awareness

Intentional time with myself

Opportunities to soften, surrender and let go

Realizations and epiphanies

randi blog post addiction to yoga

I’m addicted to Yoga,

To lessons learned

Pockets of creativity released

Present moment


The way it makes me want to be better

Do better

Eat better

Live better

Helps me find grace


Shows me my judgemental mind

Honors and acknowledges all aspects of oneself

Directs and contains energy

Restores balance

Allows me to expand in one moment and contract in the next

The vibration of every cell in my body

Self observation and reflection


I’m addicted to Yoga,

To self inquiry


Alignment and refinement

Heightened awareness

Relaxed wakefulness


Communion with Self

My romantic partner, my lover


Allows for dissolving into nothingness

Body wisdom

Self Love and empowerment

Goddess embodied

Warmth and gentleness


Illumined like all the rays of the sun

A Thousand petaled lotus

randi blog post addiction to yoga

When I do yoga, I want more...I crave more, like a drug.  But, healthy addictions are still addictions and ultimately take me away from balance. My 90min practice quickly turns into a 4hr practice and all of a sudden I’m obsessive about the one thing that helped to balance me in the first place. Addictions are extremes and in any extreme, it’s not so sustainable long term. Where did I go wrong?

So if I can't practice my yoga one day, will everything fall apart? Will I be ok without this experience? When I am sick or tired and can’t move my body, do I lose this sense of Yoga? Do I become depressed and incapable of seeing clearly now? Does panic and anxiety fill my being? Hopefully not.

The Fourth Yama from The Yoga Sutras speaks about, Brahmacarya, or moderation. In fact, all the teachings of Yoga are about balance. The wild dance between our higher Self and our human nature. We must continue to comprehend that Yoga is everywhere; inside us, outside of us, and accessible in each moment and in each breath. It’s not a thing that we do, or are addicted to, but the way in which we live a healthier balanced life.

In terms of a balanced physical practice and to compliment the ancient teachings of The Yoga Sutras and The Bhagavad Gita, Mark Whitwell suggests we must “Practice actually, naturally and non-obsessively”

Swami Sivananda summed it up pretty well in this song, The Yoga of Synthesis:

Eat a little, drink a little,

Talk a little, sleep a little,

Mix a little, move a little,

Serve a little, rest a little,

Work a little, relax a little,

Study a little, Worship a little,

Do asanas a little, Pranayamas a little,

Reflect a little, meditate a little,

Do japa a little, do kirtan a little,

Write mantra a little, have satsanga a little,

Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate, Realize,

Be good, do good;

Be kind, Be compassionate,

Enquire, ‘Who Am I?’ Know the Self and be free.

Take a moment, 3 conscious breaths perhaps and contemplate the things in your life you feel addicted to and don’t stop there. What actions can you take today on creating a more balanced life.

In gratitude of deep reflection,


About Randi:

randi blog post bio

Randi’s open heart, affectionate manner and infectious laugh create an instant environment of friendship and authenticity. A true pollinator of people, her direct communication, sense of humor and energizing, activating manner allow for deep work to be done with a sense of playful acceptance for what is.

Randi ERYT 500 has taught over 50 yoga teacher trainings since 2010. Her expertise is in sharing Holistic Yoga, a well rounded practice including meditation, pranayama, mudra, bandha, mantra, theme weaving and intelligent sequencing. A certified Thai Massage Therapist, she is especially known for her firm and intuitive based hands on assists.  She facilitates with a strong energy and passion for the practice which supports her compassionate, graceful and empathic nature. She has an innate ability to take in knowledge, experience it, and share wisdom in an authentic way.