10 Tips For Blogging As A Yoga Teacher.

By: Joanna Cohen

t seems that blogging and teaching yoga have joined hands and skipped off into the sunset together. It’s actually no surprise… yoga teachers feel called to share, and what better way to do that than with your personal online bulletin board?

blogging yoga teacher 

Blogging offers so many opportunities for yoga teachers: it allows us to continue teaching outside the classroom, to attract and connect with new students, to set up additional income streams, to strengthen our areas of expertise as we learn and write about them. 

The benefits continue to grow as new tools emerge and more yoga teachers take to their virtual notepads.

But like all good things, blogging right takes hard work and some guidance. Lawyer, yogi and expert blogger Christina Scalera shares her experience making a career teaching yoga and blogging in a webinar called “Learn the Basics of Blogging for Yoga Teachers."

Here are 10 of her best tips:

1. On your audience: 

First and foremost, know who your audience is and what they’re interested in. BIG hint: they’re probably a lot like you. In everything you put out there — articles, products, recommendations — make sure you’re offering something that’s incredibly valuable to you (them).

2. On branding: 

Use your own name for your brand. If you use another name, that’s an extra barrier in the way of readers getting to know you.

3. On content: 

As they say, content is king. Your content MUST be high quality and relevant to your readers. Don’t know what to blog about?

Christina recommends some categories:

  1. Reviews of other people’s classes (but stay positive!)
  2. “Soapbox”: this is your opportunity to get your opinion out there. Use it!
  3. Review products
  4. Events in your own life… how does it relate to your readers’ lives?
  5. Yoga postures and techniques
  6. How-Tos/Lists (“7 Ways to XYZ”… etc.)

4. On photos: 

You can’t not have high quality photos on your site and social feeds. Get curious about taking good pictures and using easy editing apps.

  1. Bloggers’ three favorite photo apps: VscoPictastic and Afterlight
  2. Bloggers’ favorite stock photo services: CreativemarketEtsy
  3. For social media and graphic design: Canva

5. On selfies: 

How does one take a good selfie in yoga asana? Option 1: Set your phone up against a wall and set the automatic timer. Option 2: Buy a tripod. Just try it!

6. On your email list: 

If you’re serious about making a business of your blog and site you need to start building your email list. Once you start building this list it’s important to treat these people like gold. Give this list gifts constantly. Always offer them first access to discounts, products, new content, etc.

7. On freebies: 

The best way to start building an email list is to offer a freebie in exchange for an address. What’s a good freebie? Think about the questions people ask you all the time. Answer them. Put it in a pretty PDF. This is your freebie.

8. On SEO: 

Search Engine Optimization simply means how far up you get in the Google rankings. Think of Google as a person and make Google as happy as possible by giving him the two things he wants: lots of the terms people are searching for (related to your niche), and video.

9. On guest posting: 

Writing guest posts on other people’s blogs can help drive traffic back to your blog. Where should you guest post? Think first about the sites that you read! Then, try to find a contact and send them a sample of your best and most relevant writing.

10. On fear: 

Simply do one thing each day that contributes to your blog. Each day can be different, and no action is too small. Simply keep at it and your fear will dissipate as your blog flourishes.

Visit ChristinaScalera.com for more tips like these, tons of useful freebies and amazing services.

About Joanna: 


Joanna has spent the last five years traveling, working remotely with startups, writing and studying yoga. She has a passion for creating and sharing great products with people she loves. She is an RYT-200 and has completed teacher trainings with CorePower, Sivananda and most recently Kula Collective!