Kula Grad Series: We are We!

By: Hana Pepin


In the depth of the soul there sparks the flame that serves the whole.   

I awaken to my fullest potential. I step aside so the universal energy can animate me. I am a puppet of the divine. I honor my own unique creativity and Self-expression with an open and humble heart. We transcend all that has been, all that is, and all that will be by making amends with our higher Self.

We are abundant, prosperous and fully awake each moment. We live in the Now and remain aware to all of life. We come from the same place and accept our power to manifest a world in dedication to our life force. We light the flame to our soul, we ignite the passion within our hearts. We discover the strong connection to Earth, to our foundation, so that we may build up to step into our flow. Knowing we are loved and safe, we rise with the warm passion into our home of infinite vibrational space. Here we understand who we are at our core, the essence of our being. 

     Who we are and why we are here is revealed to the soul that is patient. We approach life with introspection, from a place of light filled with a knowing that we are already whole. WE are WE. From this place of inner dwelling the love and power from Source graces us with the honor of truth. To serve as an intuitive light, creative and free, sharing the wisdom and foundation of Kula (tribe).

~ Hana Pepin, Kula Alum