Welcome to your yoga teacher training in Mexico!

Venue Contact Info:

Retreat Center: Present Moment Retreat


Location: Troncones, Mexico

Phone: 916-580-3418 (US # forwards to Present Moment in Mexico)

Phone: 011 52 755 103 0011 (Mexico #)

Primary Contact: Tom Morisette (Owner)


Flight Recommendations:

You should fly into Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo airport (code ZIH). It is a 30 minute taxi ride from the airport to Present Moment Retreat. The first day of training begins with an optional gentle yoga class at 4:00pm. We will meet for dinner and opening circle at 6:00pm. The last day of training concludes with a morning yoga class followed by a final breakfast together. Checkout is at 11:00am. Please allow time to leave Present Moment 2 hours before your flight. Please contact Present Moment ( with your flight information and they will help coordinate ride shares in taxis from the airport.

Arrival Instructions:

Once you have booked your flight, please send your flight information to Present Moment as they will be arranging your transportation from the airport to the retreat center. You can email the office at A one-way taxi ride is about $65. The taxi drivers at the airport are all registered and they know the location of Present Moment in Troncones.

Book Extra Days If Desired:

Present Moment offers a special rate for Yoga Teacher Training students who would like to extend their stay at the beginning or end of their trip. For rates and reservations, contact 


Four-star hotel with complete facilities including laundry, internet and water available at all times.

What to Bring: 

  • Lightweight loose clothing (long sleeves and pants recommended for bugs and to protect you from the sun)

  • Bring any sacred objects to offer our Altar

  • One white outfit

  • Bathing suit

  • Yoga mat (Mats are provided but feel free to bring your own!)

  • Head torch

  • Natural bug repellent and natural sunscreen

  • Hat

  • Hiking shoes & Flip flops/sandals

  • Thermos or thermal mug

  • Biodegradable body products (bug repellent & sunscreen), natural washing detergent

  • Required texts (above)

  • Notebook & writing materials

  • Activated charcoal

  • Cloth bag

  • Arnica & tea tree oil

  • Tongue scraper

  • Water bottle

  • Your passport and passport copy

Please also bring a journal and any creative tools that enable you to express yourself such as musical instruments, painting/drawing materials, etc.. You also may want to consider taking and bringing Probiotics to prime your digestive flora with some probiotics before you leave for Mexico and tuck some away in your luggage to have with you while you travel.

Immigration and Visas:

Your Mexican Tourist Visa will be given to you at immigration once you've arrived in Mexico at no cost.


According to the Center for Disease are no required or recommended vaccinations for the part of Mexico where the training is held.


The currency used in Mexico is the Mexican Peso (MXN).

1 USD = 18.28 MXN

1 CAN = 14.29 MXN

1 AUD = 14.04 MXN

if you have any additional questions - feel free to contact us!