Borrowing Breaths.

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Borrowing Breaths

There is no use 

borrowing breaths

from this life—

when would you ever return them?

Drop all of this non-sense

and take full advantage of your 

God-given birthright to sing as loud 

as the birds do.

What kind of plant

or tree questions or calculates 

its growth and future?

Today is the only tomorrow that will ever happen for you.

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A Great Fullness

Thank you is a practice

That needs to be practiced

For it to become well versed.

Its reward is the true feeling

Of gratefulness

That leaves in us 

A Great Fullness.

Gratitude therefore,

is an over-flowing of our cup

 and a realization that we have 

been poured our weight in pure life.

Giving thanks is easy,

Try now and repeat allowed:

Thank you Breath for breathing me

Thank you Life for living me

Thank you Love for loving me.

Do this every moment you find forget-fullness

And allow yourself to remember the treasure 

that is right under your nose:

A Great Fullness.

About Jaya:


Certified ERYT-500 studying in depth in India traditional Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Satyananda and Sivanada styles of Yoga to bring about an approach based in tradition yet modern in it’s understanding. From the Philosophies of the scriptures to neuroscience and transpersonal therapy we find just how our practice rooted in this quality of meditation will transform our life.

A published author of three works of poetry Jayā’s words have been celebrated as joyful reminders of the path we walk.

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