Dharma Series: Empowerment & Embodiment with Women

By: Vera Kamalatmika

{Part 1 & Part 2 of Vera’s Dharma Project}


 “Long for development, not perfection.”

From January until the end of March 2019, I have been working on my Kula Dharma Grant Project in Southern Germany. The project’s aim was to empower women to discover and live out their highest potential through sharing in sisterhood together.

As soon as we start living all the colors of the rainbow in our own lives, all these colors will shine in the world as well. Through this project I have come to feel those colors of courage and empowerment within me and in the circles I shared. We are opening up – together! Jay!

The last phase of this project was highly surprising in many ways, one being that I met new and inspiring women that had not yet been to my other gatherings. In all project activities, we held beautiful closing ceremonies at the end.

In the last, upcoming, blog post of this project, I would love to reflect on the project as whole and give a last overview of all activities. In this blog post, I will share about one of the project workshop days: “Unconditional Love in Every Day Life“. This was a a fruitful, intimate meeting of women from different backgrounds.

Unconditional Love in Every Day Life

The first idea of this project workshop was to gather all the project participants together for a workshop HOWEVER, this workshop turned out to be a gathering for women from different backgrounds and with different views of womanhood. Only one of the participants had attended other circles of this project before. I was truly amazed at what an effect opening a sacred circle can have. Opening our hearts, opening our minds and letting it flow...

There was a 71 year old woman that grew up in the Bavaria’s traditional way – deeply connected with traditions of the area and nature. There was a 50 year old woman with a buddhist background longing for connection with women and womanhood. There was a 43 year old woman practicing many spiritual traditions and reconnecting with her female body. We also had a 28 year old mother of three kids enjoying time for herself and a 27 year old woman who has been in many other project activities as well.


Dharma in Action

This workshop was a co-creational space for us to share feelings, thoughts and dive deep within. One of the women shared her amazing gift of playing traditional Bavarian songs with the guitar while we were practicing mandala dance (a meditative dance form of chakra opening that I had learned from one of the project devotees, Shivanjali). We opened a sharing circle about what unconditional love means in daily actions and every one had time and space to reflect on their own lives through some given exercises. Furthermore, there was time and space to reflect about the topic “unconditional giving and receiving“ in every day life.

Holding space in this workshop opened a new door for me as well – I came to step even more into my power to share and host workshops. Each and every meeting of this project has led me deeper into fully living out my calling in this life. Now, as the project activities have ended, I feel empowered with many new doors starting to open for me. I continue holding space monthly for circles and I am so looking forward deepen this path of working with women, ceremony and yoga.

With so much Love from Germany,

Vera Kamalatmika

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About Vera:


Vera embodies the grace of a lotus flower opening up into its purest divine essence, weaving the aspects of softness, stillness and inner strength together. Her authentic presence empowers others around to find the stillness in the core of being, and to stay in that union throughout the waves of our lives.  Her life’s work brings together holistic teachings of yoga, nature and concepts of sensitivity; encouraging people to shine their light. She recently received a Kula Dharma Grant towards her 300 HR Yoga Teacher Training at the Yoga Forest in December of 2018.