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Dharma Series: Holding Sacred Shakti Space for Self-love and Acceptance.

By: Vera Kamalatmika

“Sometimes I have been asking myself … what do I do wrong? From a higher perspective, everything is perfect just exactly the way it is. My very first intention for the project was actually to gather in intimate groups with women. This work with myself that I have witnessed, has been a very important part of my life path.”

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Dharma Series: Discovering Your Truth

By: Tahlia Rubin

“Yoga teaching has illuminated this dynamic and my perfectionist tendencies rooted in fears of being judged for not knowing everything, for not being liked or for being perceived as “weird”. Ultimately, these fears sketch a pattern of struggling with self-acceptance and fighting my true nature in an attempt to be someone other than myself. ”

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Dharma Series: Ashley's Dive Yoga Series

By: Ashley Rossy

"I thought great, my project would be geared toward writing and creating PADI's very first, "Dive-Yoga distinctive specialty". With this specialty, people could get certified to practice this perfect collaboration and I could extend it all over the world. But wait, it's 2018... how could no-one have come up with this idea already?"

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Kula Dharma Grant & 300hr YTT Karma Project

By: Sanni Shukraya

"As I already had a longer Unconditional Love project running in Finland, I decided to deepen it with Kula 300h YTT project request and give a bit more of my time for it for the last two months. As I sat down to meditate upon it I did receive an impression to organize something around gratitude as well as free expression and dance. I suggested my ideas for the Multicultural Center that we are collaborating with and they welcomed it with open heart."

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