How it Is.


Let us show you how it can be:

The moon rising and slowly smiling to your dark night;

The delicate garden of earth struts humbly across the runway of the stars;

A hundred thousand happy mothers give birth to laughing babies;

A cry of joy spreads its wings as wide as nothing you have ever imagined before;

The whole sky yawns and rolls over in his sleep—

And you are here, reading all of this.

Now, I said this is how it can be,

though let me tell you:

This is how it is.

Nothing is more committed to you than this breath.

From the beginning it stands by your side.

Through thin and through thick,

And, what is the result of that relationship?


It can be sung, but it cannot be said.

It can be danced, but it cannot be done.

It can be played, but it cannot be won.

It can be expressed, but cannot be understood.

Seek and you will not find it,

let it go and it will hold you.

There is no one to know the unknowable.

There is nowhere to go to get there.

For nobody reaches Eternity by going anywhere.

All that can be tangled can be untangled.

Whatever is twisted can be untwisted.

That which is picked up can be put down,

And, all that you hold,

You will learn to

Let go.

About Jayananda:


Certified ERYT-500 studying in depth in India traditional Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Satyananda and Sivanada styles of Yoga to bring about an approach based in tradition yet modern in it’s understanding. From the Philosophies of the scriptures to neuroscience and transpersonal therapy we find just how our practice rooted in this quality of meditation will transform our life.

A published author of three works of poetry Jayā’s words have been celebrated as joyful reminders of the path we walk.

Check out one of his poetry books here.