It Is the Greatest Story Ever Told.

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by Kula graduate David May

When David May, a recent 300 hour Yoga Teacher Graduate, was home for the holidays he began to fall into the family dramas that are present in so many of our lives. Instead of spiraling into the conflicts around him, David caught himself. Stepping out of his ego mind and into the perspective of the observer, he was able to relieve the tension, falling into a beautiful state of bliss. Inspired by this moment of eagle perspective, David shared his insight with this beautiful piece... enjoy!

A movie for everyone - young and old, critics and public. A most accurate comedy, laced with victory, defeat, true love, disappointment, revenge, wrong decisions, revelations, and all the emotion catching drama to hook you in and keep you drawn to the screen. A storyline about finding purpose, overcoming obstacles, finding true love, living with regrets, and living with a saddened past.  It also just as much about failing, having no hope, acts of terrorism to others and self, war, distortion, and corruption.

The marketing was executed to perfection, playing on our ego's every whim. Much like any blockbuster hit, it was all the rage and we had to be a part of it - all the talk that we couldn't dream of missing out on. And so all across the land, in theaters far and wide, big and small, people flocked to its showings, filling every seat with excitement and anticipation for the simple entertainment that was about to come their way. The beauty of it all, up to this point, was how something so heart wrenching, eye catching, and aurally enticing, had no expectations. In the most simplistic of ways, people were just excited to see it. Happy to simply sit, watch, and observe.

The buzz of the crowd filled the rooms as cheering and whistles mixed with the vibrations in the air as the lights went dim. Everyone was there for one thing. There were no previews, as there was no “next” movie to see or other thing to do. Here and now was all there was. The present; encompassing just this. 

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There was so much intrigue in the beauty of the movie. People watched in awe as every character was introduced one by one. Each one with their own talents and uniqueness - all with a purpose for the story. As the film rolled each character's connection to one another became more apparent to the viewers. As one character handled and dealt with their own perceived personal conflict, other characters were drawn in to the overall entangled plot. Slowly and steadily, before every watchful eye, the movie unraveled. With every inch of film that sped past the projected light, every second of pixelated image that passed, the audience crept closer to the edge of their seats. Their senses heightened. Their engagement rose. They allowed their emotions to begin to show - oohing and ahhing, commenting and grumbling. They began to attach themselves to their favorite character and all that comprised them. The plot grew thicker and people allowed the entertainment to absorb them.

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We're so grateful to have shared with so many bright and shining souls.  David May joined us for a 300hr YTT in Peru last year.  Contact us for more information on how you can deepen your practice and walk with us, together as one big happy Kula.