Light Work.


Light Work.

You are a blade of grass 

growing out of the side of 

a solar system.

Have you ever seen anything

so beautiful caressing

the wind?

When we talk about being 

authentic, real or shinning,

there is no need to 

be so serious.

You know,

all this play 

here on earth

is only 




Your Specialness.

Let me tell you a secret of your specialness:

The Earth has turned and turned,

 Spinning in such a way to bring you

Here and hearing this.

So much beauty has happened:

Stars have evolved into hearts,

Oceans birthed brains and entire

Species danced with life and

Death in a delicate display

That can only be called 


And, here you are,

The cherry on top of the cake;

The sweet honey of your seat

Placed carefully above the Earths center. 

Look down every now and then

And remember that.



Move out of your old haunt,

let the sun set inside of you.

Just as all the dog-eared pages

unravel themselves

and the book of you

finally comes to a close.

As salt into the sea,

cross the edge of eternity






Certified ERYT-500 studying in depth in India traditional Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Satyananda and Sivanada styles of Yoga to bring about an approach based in tradition yet modern in it’s understanding. From the Philosophies of the scriptures to neuroscience and transpersonal therapy we find just how our practice rooted in this quality of meditation will transform our life.

A published author of three works of poetry Jayā’s words have been celebrated as joyful reminders of the path we walk.

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