A Reflection on the Power of Sound.


Close down the eyes

and begin to tune into the sounds around you.

Listen to them come alive

as you deeply tune

into the sounds nearby,

the sounds far away …

take a 360 degree listen.  

Feel how the sounds,

the vibrations,

affect your mind, body and soul.

As you pay attention to the sounds externally … begin to play with the sound within - your voice. 

Your voice is a reflection of your soul, your essence, your spiritual being … discover what your heart song sounds like.


Passion and presence with each note played.

I spent two weeks in my 100 hour Sound Ceremony training at the Yoga Forest mastering two skills – the skill of deep listening to the sounds around me and the ability to tune into my heart and sing without thought, without judgment, and with full-on passion and presence.  

Let the instrument play you.

I connected with new instruments, and learned what it means to have an instrument play you. Instruments have spirits that can heal, that can touch and transform the heart … if only you are in alignment and are present when you begin to play them.  


Find the subtly in the sound.

When you begin to play the instrument and let their song sing … let your movements be subtle. Be a listener and pay attention to be able to follow the subtly in the sounds … let them resonate and vibrate in your heart. Relax and still your mind… thoughts melt, and what’s left is space. Space to heal, space to create, space to dream, and space to let your true self shine.

Allow your sound to tell a story.

Let your sound take on a life of its own, and tell a story through its dynamics, its melodies, its harmonies, its emotion, its ebbs and flows. Let your sound be expressed with emotion, with feeling and with vulnerability and authenticity. Sing, scream, shout … then allow for silence to soak and bask in the after glow of releasing the story of your heart.


Learn to give and receive.

Through your experience with sound, whether you are playing an instrument or singing, learn what it means to have a balance between giving and receiving. Learn to truly accept and receive the healing gift of sound into every cell of your being. Give the pure present of sound with an aligned being and a grateful heart as you connect with others on a deeper vibrational level - physically, emotionally and spiritually.   

Let the elements guide you.

A big part of our training was singing mantras and medicine songs… mostly with a focus on the elements and how they connect us to Great Spirit. Allow the blessings of water, earth, ether, fire and air wash over you as you connect with them through lyrics and instruments that emphasize their beauty like wave drums and rain sticks (water), medicine drums (earth), gongs and drones, (fire) and chimes and bells (air, ether).  Let the elements guide you deeper into your spiritual path as you allow sound to take you on journeys filled with visions, emotions, memories, and inspiration.


This training has inspired

the musician in me,

the healer in me,

the teacher in me,

and ultimately, the Spirit in me that wants to sing her heart song.


How has sound touched your life? How do you express yourself best through sound? Comment below about your experience with sound and its healing effects!

Learn more about Kula’s sound offerings here.  


Jill is a health enthusiast passionate about holistic living through being conscious of the mind, body and spirit connection. She is a free-spirited yoga teacher that embraces any adventure that comes her way, whether that is rock climbing, paddle boarding, waterfall rappelling, cliff jumping or learning a new inversion. She finds balance and inspiration in her happy place of being in nature and swimming in the ocean. She ensures that everything she does is in alignment with her truth – to share her heart with others in a vulnerable way in order to spread positivity and unconditional love and light.

Follow her blog at www.theveggievillager.com, or on Instagram @theveggievillager.