Reframing Your Perspective.


I sit across the table from one of my best reflectors sipping on hot Guatemalan coffee. She’s a sister and a friend, who shares a similar journey with me at this time; and in most times. 

As spiritual seekers and practitioners we often get caught up with words like Letting Go, Attachment and Acceptance, which can feel like a dark and painful process as you move through different life experiences. Here, I would like to invite you to flip your perspective to one of Presence, Energy Flow and most importantly Self Love. Focusing on the state of being that we desire will bring about a state of flow and presence into your life; where our attention goes, energy flows.

          Energy Flow
          Self Love

Letting Go
Non Attachment

If we have the intention of Letting Go, we can focus on Presence. If we share the desire for non attachment, it helps to focus on where the flow of energy is in our relationships. If we want to truly accept how things are we must accept and love ourselves first. Janet Atwood, Author of The Passion Test states Intention + Attention = No Tension. If we want to live a more peaceful life, let’s look at the thoughts we think and the language we choose to use to create and reflect more beauty in the world.

So, if you’re having a bad day, remember this; If we reframe our perspective into one of unconditional love, we begin to awaken to our higher Self and start to see the magic of all interactions in life and relationships. Perhaps, reading this poem will help to remind you that the foundation to this perspective is Self Love. Here is a poem from one my dearest friends, colleague and teacher: Jayananda James Roland

Before You Go Falling in Love

Before you go falling in love with anyone else,
fall in love with yourself.

I don’t just mean the one in the mirror, I mean the
one with whom you spend your every waking hour.

The one you sit down to eat every meal with,
the one you lay down to sleep with every night.

Before you go searching for your soul mate, seek out
the soul within you who knows no opposites.

How can you give yourself completely when
you are incomplete?

Before you go seducing another, align yourself
with the allure of your own gaze.

The eyes are a mirror for the other, yet, how could you tell a reflection if you do not know
where you are looking from?

Before you go throwing yourself upon
holy altars, throw yourself at the doors of yourself.

Keep knocking until there is an opening. How
would you arrive outside if not by a door inside?

And before you go proclaiming vows, promise one
to yourself:

To love, so long as you shall live; for richer, for poorer,
in sickness and in health, till death do you part.

Before you go, promise me you’ll never forget, to take this lover out dancing, out dining, out smiling.

That you will treat them well, as a treasure, as a gift;
you may well be the luckiest one on earth to know this.

So before you go, know this,

know yourself

as Love.


When something “bad” happens to you like the end of a relationship or the end of a job, notice what perspective the mind takes you to initially. It takes awareness and work to cultivate a different way of looking at things. When things end, a beautiful new beginning awaits. Kula Collective’s Yoga Teacher Trainings and Transformational Retreats intend to do exactly this. We facilitate and do our best to assist people to shift their perspective from Lower World and the unconscious to Upper World and the bird’s eye view. From this place we begin to awaken to the limitless space we have to dream our world into being. 


Randi’s open heart, affectionate manner and infectious laugh create an instant environment of friendship and authenticity. A true pollinator of people, her direct communication, sense of humor and energizing, activating manner allow for deep work to be done with a sense of playful acceptance for what is.

Randi ERYT 500 has taught over 50 yoga teacher trainings since 2010. Her expertise is in sharing Holistic Yoga, a well rounded practice including meditation, pranayama, mudra, bandha, mantra, theme weaving and intelligent sequencing. A certified Thai Massage Therapist, she is especially known for her firm and intuitive based hands on assists.  She facilitates with a strong energy and passion for the practice which supports her compassionate, graceful and empathic nature. She has an innate ability to take in knowledge, experience it, and share wisdom in an authentic way.