Self Discovery & Community Through Yoga

By: Randi Schiffman

randi blog post self discovery

I found myself today; for what feels like the very first time.  As I roll to one side into a fetal position I am reborn: breathing new breath, awakening to a new sun, with new eyes and a new perspective. It is my practice of yoga that gifts me with fresh awareness and I know that I have found connection once again to the essence of who I am. The more deeply I am connected to my SELF, the easier it becomes to connect with others who are on the same path.  Brought together by our practice of Yoga on the mat this family and our shared values have become the core fractal of how I live my life off the mat. The practice of yoga is a journey from the head to the heart; a true process of Self Discovery. As I discover myself, I find my Kula.

I came to Yoga thinking what most people in the West think: a convenient and trendy way to get a great workout and increased flexibility. I had no idea the practice would change me from the inside out. All my life I wanted to change everything and everyone around me but I never thought to have a continuous practice of looking inside. Arriving on my mat daily allows me the opportunity to reflect and feel into any stagnancy or holdings I may have.  The pure acknowledgment that this density exists helps me to move through it and release it. Each time I get on my mat I learn more about myself. 

The practice is very much a personal journey but there is something about stepping into a room amongst people who are also there for personal healing. It makes it easier to be vulnerable and to come to the practice humbled, with an open heart. This complete surrender allows me to receive the benefits of the practice; physically yes, but mostly mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. As I create more space in my body for the breath, the stagnancy dissipates leaving me with a feeling of bliss; pure and unconditional love. These holdings are just stuck energy; stories or imprints in the body and the mind from past experiences. The practice is to release them with every exhale inviting new energy, creation and passion with each inhale. As I let go of who I am not, I breathe into the essence of who I am. With each practice comes a teaching, with each teaching comes awareness, and with each moment of awareness I have a greater knowing of my body, mind, and spirit.

As I travelled ever inward on this personal journey, I began to vibrate on a wavelength that attracted others on their own similar journeys.  We are yogis, congregating around the world in community. With the support of one another we can see each person as a teacher and a reflection of who we are. We are all in search of the same thing; union. Union with the self, each other, nature, and spirit; whether we know it or not. We are one and we are longing for this connection to feel whole rather than separate.  I didn't know it at the time but I was looking for community; a family to grow with spiritually. To transform and to witness transformation in others. When I did my Yoga Teacher Training in an intensive environment; a community was formed as we lived yoga, breathed yoga, and studied yoga for 3 weeks together. Through my connection with others, I have reconnected to myself.

randi blog post self discovery 

Although my main intention through yoga teacher training course was to deepen my practice mostly by conquering handstand, I found that what I got from it were tools to a life with purpose and intention. With this experience, i quickly jumped at the chance to facilitate this journey for others. I also realized yoga teacher training is not just for people wanting to become teachers, but for anyone and everyone so that we can all continue to awaken to our Soul's purpose. 

After 5 years of facilitating and over 25 trainings later, I have found my tribe. This intimate beautiful family of friends and teachers; my closest reflection of who I am have become my Kula; commUNITY of the HEART. Our core mission is to help people awaken through Yoga Teacher Trainings and Transformational Retreats. This is our dharma, our Soul's purpose. What is yours? 



5 Reasons to join KULA COLLECTIVE'S Yoga Teacher Training Courses (25 day intensives):

1. LIVE YOUR YOGA through daily PRACTICE




5. GIVE and RECEIVE unconditional LOVE

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Randi’s open heart, affectionate manner and infectious laugh create an instant environment of friendship and authenticity. A true pollinator of people, her direct communication, sense of humor and energizing, activating manner allow for deep work to be done with a sense of playful acceptance for what is.

Randi ERYT 500 has taught over 50 yoga teacher trainings since 2010. Her expertise is in sharing Holistic Yoga, a well rounded practice including meditation, pranayama, mudra, bandha, mantra, theme weaving and intelligent sequencing. A certified Thai Massage Therapist, she is especially known for her firm and intuitive based hands on assists.  She facilitates with a strong energy and passion for the practice which supports her compassionate, graceful and empathic nature. She has an innate ability to take in knowledge, experience it, and share wisdom in an authentic way.