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Dharma Series: Pranayama and Therapeutic Yoga.

By: Sarah Ingraham

“In yoga, it is important to focus on bringing long, deep breaths into the belly to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, calm the mind, and relax the body.”

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Somatic Wisdom of Yin Asana: Unraveling Ananhatasana

By: Kali Basman

“My objective in offering Yin Yoga as a daily foundational practice is not to demand that the practitioner set aside the perfect amount of space and time with complete clarity of mind. The objective is this: to train the nervous system to become comfortable with the ever-shifting state.”

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Flowing with Your Flow: Pairing Your Practice with Your Period

By: Jill Lacasse

"Have you have been diligently attempting to stick that handstand and find it more difficult than usual … you can’t focus, you feel exhausted and your body just doesn’t want to invert??

I think we have all been there.

But the question is – what is your decision after that asana? What do you tell yourself? Do you push through, or do you create space for rest?"

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Shadows of Addiction

By: David Sonshine

"I wonder now, why I wanted to taste his beer. The answer comes to me and it is the same answer to many of the questions of why we try new things: curiosity. Our motivation to explore the unknown is innocent and powerful. It has led us to self-discovery. Yet, what it unearths isn’t always of light. Sometimes, our curiosity can reveal a shadow inside that we didn’t know was there."

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Understanding the Basics of Meditation: How to be Aware and Intentional.

By: John Early

"Perceive the energy around you as white light. Breathe in the white light. Exhale any darkness, negativity or sickness inside you. Once you are full of white light, breathe in the dark you might sense around you and exhale and share your inner light."

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A Journey of Surrender & Heart Opening: Sharing the Essence of Bhakti Yoga.

By: Moa Moon

"There is so much healing, release, surrender, and connection to all of creation and to our Self that can be cultivated and celebrated and cherished and nourished through this form of prayer that Kirtan is.
And the more we connect to the Divine inside us, the more of the Divine light we have to share and give out to others as well."

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Yoga, Plant Medicine, and the Western Mind.

By: Matty Van Biene

“I believe it is at this confluence of cultures, wisdom, and history, that the western mind, if focused collectively in this way, can bring the ancient to the present, the higher truths to the ground level, integrating this wisdom into our societies and way of life.”

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Steady and Comfortable

By: Randi Schiffman

“For many of us, ‘doing yoga’ means getting on our mats, stretching out, strengthening our core, and relaxing in savasana.  But where did this idea come from? What journeys does it present for us within? And what does it really mean to be steady and comfortable in your seat?”

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